Blair Witch Reveal Gameplay Trailer (E3 02019) Xbox Only

  1. Hako Gaming says

    Ps4 😪😪😪😪🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Marc3L Official says

    Jak wydadzą Blair witch w wersji pudełkowej xbox one to wtedy możliwe że kupię

  3. Tf is reverse racism? says

    Damn I thought it'd be on PS4

  4. Depressed Luigi says

    Multiplayer ?

  5. Finesse -HVYX- says

    About time they release a scary game that’s ACTUALLY scary compared to outlast, sad it’s not going to be available for ps4 doe ):

  6. Luiz Gabriel says

    Ps4 ??

  7. Mr. Schäeffer says

    Please correct the title:
    Blair Witch Reveal Gameplay Trailer (E3 02019) Xbox Only… 30 FPS

  8. Mr. Schäeffer says

    PC not xbox because 30 fps is not even a way to play is a pc game !! cry console fanboys.

  9. ILZT says

    That looks like a game for PewDiePie.

  10. Lukas Draeger says

    I wish it was for ps4 too 🙁

  11. Kevin Alvarez says


  12. sil3nt89 says

    Schade für die PS4-Spieler 🙁

  13. Joshua Perry says

    Is this an Xbox exclusive?

  14. Pedro Andrade says

    Please don't be a walking simulator and have actual gameplay.

  15. Antoni Rędziniak says

    Its not only Xbox, it's also PC

  16. Solaris says

    1:33 James Sunderland

  17. Artorias says

    He is gasping like in a porn movie.

  18. Naim Hasan says

    BS title, also PC 🙂

  19. TheBigGSN5 says

    Probably should have a female lead.

  20. Macyle says

    I hope this game is more scary and less disgusting..especially not like outlast 2

    Out last 2 is just disgusting and has little scary moments like the school sections.

  21. AChannel says

    xbox only? funny 'cause im gonna play it on my pc haha

  22. Mohammed says

    is this game exclusive to xbox and pc ?

  23. Roudiyinga says

    ¿Es exclusivo para Xbox?

  24. G1 Grimlock says

    Oh great first the movie and now a game

  25. sergio perez says

    Dudes they should make the mist by stephen king into a video games. Silent hill/cathulu vibe

  26. aewcaleb forever says

    So this is before blair witch 1 i wonder if it will have any ties to the movies

  27. guts dragonslayer says


  28. Arkadiuz says

    Nice graphics

  29. Leandro says

    hahah those aplause…somebody remember the lauch trailer of the last of us? omg xbox…

  30. TheOttomatic91 says

    Any idea who the dev team is? I think it might be Red Barrell

  31. Respect Yourself says


  32. Exclusive

  33. Oskar Kowlaczuk says

    Yes! Looking really good!

  34. MidnightSlasher 22 says

    I'm going to have to buy 2 consoles f*ck.

  35. gutorov362 says

    Sony: Glorious Hideo Kojima
    Microsoft: poop

  36. Fox Lylat says

    Why not for PC 🙁

  37. Jon says

    banking on a name, nopeeee,

  38. tornado bob says

    Should of just called it outlast 3. Can any developer be original now days.

  39. Ermete Campione says

    It’s time…i need xbox one

  40. Alien metal says

    Pffffff 😂😂😂 trash men

  41. Pelcogo says

    You dropped the camera and we didn't even get to see the witch.

  42. Squidwards_ MemesV1 says

    My bruddas we have a chance

  43. Eduardo says

    Buen homenaje/tributo a Silent Hill.

  44. Old man Esteban says

    I'm not scared for myself, i'm scared for the dog

  45. ErnestLopez3 says

    That’s cool

  46. THESLICKking- MAjuRA says

    Lol now it makes sense why you can't escape the forest

  47. Shawn Gorsuch says

    When's this come out?

  48. AlexTheKaballer says

    Pense que era de mk 11 jsjs

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