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If you’re looking to learn more about #BlessUnleashed’s gameplay, make sure to take a look at our new Gameplay Overview trailer and get ready to make them pray!

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  1. Kuro Neko says

    gender-lock class?

  2. Zellar2020 says

    Hold on a minute. I bought this on steam, it tanked, and now they are going to re-release it? You better be sending me a copy Bandai or you owe me 100 dollars.

  3. Drackis FellWing says

    So bandai took anime ideas n made a mmo. Well better have it free to play for a time being if they want to have any chance

  4. super Yoan says

    Wait , is it bless online??

  5. Duane Cometa says

    looks like im staying with Black Desert…… this game is not even close.

  6. Saber Prime14 says

    Ps4 version come out already! Mmo drought need something new

  7. TheWalkingBad says

    Just saying Days Gone was made on same engine and looks way better than this game. I’m starting to think it’s just Xbox not the developers

  8. Anthony Lumpkin says

    Everyone that's saying this is a scam must be unaware that it's free to play.

  9. Rin says

    ps4 pls

  10. kennedy marshall says

    Free to play garbage, the cash shop will have pay to win items ?

  11. temeti to says

    Seems like another Tera, once you hit level cap, the game dies

  12. Waroz HotDaggerS says

    Juegazo…. No tiene nada que ver con bless online de pc, esta versión está totalmente mejorada con muchísimas ganas de que salga ya para xbox one y poder jugarlo en mi nueva tv de 85" muahahaha. Para cuando estará disponible? Alguna fecha concreta?……

  13. Schniblogg says

    is this bless online?

  14. Когда выйдет?

  15. Tech's Finesse says

    Are all the classes gender locked?

  16. John Taylor says

    Hope it's not gender locked

  17. Adam Curley says

    This game will be Free To Play (go look on their website) and it is backed by a much better publisher and developer, so just because it has the same name does not mean it will have the same outcome as the other Bless games. Plus, no money is wasted since it is free so what is the fuss about?

  18. Grizzbert says

    Its called now LESS ONLINE on steam with 400 and less player

  19. Bee says

    Bless is a shit game. No one want that shit get out of here

  20. ScottGameplays_ says

    Wow I thought monster hunter was already released?

  21. 0xMoonstar says

    Dragons Dogma reloaded… Finally a mmo like Dragons Dogma for the xbox.

  22. cameron knutsen says

    Why does every game like this have to have giant freaking spiders in it??!!

  23. Arturius says

    What the hell is wrong with their walking? ?

  24. marco Raffi says

    I m nearly exclusively PC player… but it this game might finally prompt me to use my Xbox 😀

  25. Zaid T says

    There is no assassin class, it's worthless

  26. Belle is my Delphine says

    Only for xbox? that sucks

  27. John Delgado says

    Eggbox? Eww

  28. Smo0thCriminal4 says

    I this just Bless online on xbox?

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