Borderlands 3 – Official Zane Character Trailer

  1. Patrick Andrei Catbagan says

    So he is siblings of the dead Flynts eh?

  2. #Happy Monster says

    Bruh my name irl is Zane Ware lol

  3. iiDr0pz _B0diiEs says

    Conor McGregor is in BL3 ?

  4. Koi Akairo says

    I want…this song…badly

  5. Kano says

    I want to be a plumber.

  6. Jonjon says

    Is he the guy from rdr2 that plays Sean MacGuire?

  7. Reyna Ren says

    I'm already in love ?

  8. Soldier _RED says

    This Character reminds of Blazkowics…

  9. Vault Boy says

    I couldn’t decide who I wanted to play, then I heard the Irish accent, Zane main confirmed.

  10. Piercing Sirens says

    I love how Zane is related to Captain and Baron Flynt

  11. I swear Zane is the jack doppelganger from the pre sequel, he brings up alot of Jack references tbh

  12. PublishedAdam2 says

    Is that you Sean?

  13. Szabolcs Adamcsik says

    Anybody know this song name?

  14. Alex Powers says

    A bit of a trope with the scrappy drinking Irish brawler but I dig it.

  15. charlie roser says

    Wait, is that hologram actually an AI

  16. ThatGuy Ty says

    Im ready for Amaras and Fl4ks they are gonna be so sick mozes and flynts are to tho

  17. Ramadan Steve says

    Enjoy giving your money to a shitty company.

  18. TopHatDemon TDM says

    By far Zane has the biggest ego

  19. The Bucketeer says

    Drinks Proper 12

  20. Bodacious Boomerang says

    Ireland is the best country like if u agree



  21. InfiniteDarkMass says

    Ehhh… The voice just doesn't fit.

  22. Jacob Faro says

    That thumbnail… Is that a wrapper in his mouth?

  23. Wund3rwaf says

    More of the same!

  24. Biro Boy says

    The animations are certainly better if compared to Borderlands 2, but still stiff as fuck.

  25. Mr.Mask Maker says

    the voice really don't fit the look.

  26. Alex Freeman says

    It seems I found my favourite character in Borderlands 3!

  27. Braveheart says


  28. Buddy says

    Can’t wait for this to come out on steam

  29. WaaaghbossOrkamungus says

    Well, lets get the to the elefant in the room: anyone know the song in this trailer? Cheers in advance!

  30. Linda Thompson says

    why does he look so asian yet have a european accent?

  31. Alex W. says

    Animation budget

  32. Anix Nduka says

    A 100$ well spent

  33. Whiterun Guard says

    So Captain Flynnt was also Irish?

  34. Max Mustermann says

    0:51 i swear its the doppelganger of handsome jack! fckn love it

  35. Angel Munoz says

    Found my new favorite.

  36. Hugo Fostin says

    Imagine Zer0 can talk to his decoy

  37. Prasun Kumar says

    Nice game to pirate ?

  38. Edmundo EMC says


  39. Homer 2137 says

    Meet the Demoman 😀

  40. Grégory Makles says

    So many years after TF2 and Gearbox still doesn't know how to make cutscenes that are nearly as smooth and expressive.

  41. whoseyouraaron says

    Handsome Zane

  42. bigboyjet says

    Where can we get the 1:14 wallpaper?

  43. Matthew Kenny says

    Is it just me or do all video game Irish characters. sound the same. Slightly culchy slightly Dubliner. Sean from Red Dead had the same type. And he seemed to suggest he was from Donegal!

  44. CmoIsDaNam3 says

    Anybody know the song for this? So freaking dope.

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