Breakneck – Trailer

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Two extreme sports athletes (Lorenzo Richelmy, “Marco Polo” and Ludovic Hughes) enter a mysterious contest in the hopes of winning the cash prize. They soon come to learn that the “game” is a dangerous cross between an evil reality show and a frightening ritual which will push them beyond the limits of extreme.


  1. Yonwabisa Mbete says

    Fast and furious on bikes? yeah right…

  2. Lucixir says

    Interesting movie that is hard to understand all that is going on. The ending also doesnt make any sense, I cant find any explanation about it anywhere and I am lost to what it means to end the way that it did.
    Strange cheap movie, the ending could of been clearer because now I feel like I wasted 2 hours of my life and dont understand why.

  3. CaydeStroke Max says

    These guys clearly went for a meta premise here, and loosely based on their lives minus the reality/ ritual stuff, the writing is inconsistant, why would 2 carefree guys suddenly start giving a shit ? Why would 'kyles' wife SUDDENLY decide to start moaning about his life choices ? Clearly she's older than 16 now… why wait so long after they have a kid ? Why would max who is clearly all about the party life suddenly develope a conscience ? After clearly being keen to win and save his own life ? But when he see's a chick he's all about saving her and being noble ? From all the talk they had about rules and winning, it quickly descends in to a light horror flick..

  4. Muhammad Hanif Khan says

    waste of time movie

  5. G entertainment says

    trailer mind blowin,hope the movies is awesome

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