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Bug Fables Update 1.1 is coming November 5th, 2020! Here are the biggest additions you can expect from 1.1.

– Three new quests
– New bosses
– Quality of Life changes including improved sprinting, faster cooking, and the ability to purchase recipes
– Other Mysterious additions

Update 1.1 rolls out for all platforms on November 5th, and we’ll be posting the full patch notes on the day the patch goes live!



  1. Kaeporo says

    Yo! This is amazing.

  2. Arthur Third King says

    I was really upset with the patch of bug fables on the Switch. They changed the quick time direction indicator from an arrow to a stick. Making it much harder to tell what direction it wants me to input!

  3. DeliriousBao says

    Is the Tanjerin fight in the 1.1 Patch? I feel like I just wasted a whole hour of my time fighting through 50 groups of enemies.

  4. ASquared says


  5. Jewel Tails says

    Does any bug fables fans got a problem with the complete the game record I beat the game but my record won't count it ???? Is all I see. Please help if could.

  6. Prodigial says

    Dang, now I wish I had waited to play this version; pretty much every minor complaint I had got fixed. Being able to sprint, withdraw multiple items from the bank at once, and being able to actually buy recipes instead of use trial and error/look them up is amazing.

    I'll definitely come back just to beat the new boss and the do the new quests, so should get another hour or two out of the game. Definitely looking forward to a sequel!

    Edit: Please fix the sequential buttons so they show the arrows instead of the analog stick. The arrows were SOOOO much better!

  7. richtea87 says

    Excited for this!

  8. brain dead says

    That new boss is HARD

    (And a piece of cake if you use queen dinner it's so good…or over powered)

  9. Jordan Miller says

    i hope you cant just cheese the new boss with abombinations and liefs bubble shield

  10. Grievous474 says

    I booted up my switch today wondering what I should play, I get an alert that bug fables downloaded an update, i look online and smile as I see new quests

  11. Eber Sl says

    Wow! I literally just finished every quest in the game

  12. GRJ YT •ᴗ• says

    Android version or android port version please

  13. SweaterSwagg says

    Goddamn did I pick a good time to have bought and beaten this game, bruh LET'S GOOO

  14. Katharine Elliot says

    Just a few more days

  15. Urbanxx says

    What a charming game!

  16. MikeOTR says


  17. Ramón says

    This game was great. Not sure if I'll be bothered to play the update, but it was great nevertheless. Hope to see a sequel someday.

  18. Andrei Chiriloiu says

    Wow.They fixed every mistake of this game and now it is truly a masterpiece.

  19. GAMER SON says


  20. Joshua Hdz says

    Son unos chingones <3 gracias, su juego me ha encantado

  21. That Guy From LEABR says

    YO, a boss fight with Stratos and Delilah? Nice!

  22. Kayachlata says

    I take it someone has been watching TTYD Randomizers 😂

    Fr I can't wait! I just started this game this week and I love it!

  23. Ultra Master789 says

    Whoa. Ok. Can’t wait for this update to come out soon.

  24. Shady says

    Leif: wouldn't it be nice to move faster?
    Kabbu: we could just run
    Leif: meh we're to lazy

  25. FeralInferno says

    This game looks so awesome! Any chance at a physical Switch release?

  26. TopOfAllWorlds says

    reposted? Still hype af

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