Buzzy Bees: Official Trailer

  1. DiasGoki says

    so cute!

  2. KKK says

    Dot-dot-dot dot. Dot dodododo dot dot

  3. Kauan Vitor says

    I Love xbox

  4. Sfgbde

  5. Lalo Martinez says


  6. NiilisDucila Neto says


  7. Sir Watchalot says


  8. Yahir Olivares says

    Megusto el video meencanta

  9. Tiago Lindolfo Porto says

    nossa voces sao os melhores

  10. Oyun Yağmuru says

    Very nice

  11. Gangia mc says


  12. Levine Punzalan says

    What's the song name again?

  13. luiis salvador says

    Son bellísimas

  14. WENDELL says

    1.15 in minecraft xbox 360 edition
    #mojang #4j studios #microsoft studios #we are not LAZY😁😎

  15. Dominik Heimowski says

    One s,360?

  16. fabiana Lima says


  17. gamer playr 2 says


  18. Mariana Freitas Ayres says

    best trailer and best music!

  19. Nicky Boy Gaming says


  20. Mari Dzul says

    Que wuay bonito

  21. L Jax aka lucian batson says

    0:41 hitler when Germany defeats france

  22. master Vavak says

    бавнутые пчёлы

  23. Mouss Cypresshill says

    Mais toujours un bug sur panda vous pouvez enlever se bug svp

  24. Mouss Cypresshill says

    Mais merci d'avoir enlever les bug dans Minecraft sur Xbox

  25. Leonardo Alvarez says

    Que bonito😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  26. GENE BRAWLER says


  27. Рамиль Гизз!!! says

    Moba igrat bez xbox Live v Minecraft

  28. andres gamer 093 says

    I love minecraft

  29. a1송아지! says

    한국인 손!!!

  30. cachorro pro says

    I play on Xbox 360 🙁

  31. Xx9fortnitexX GameZ says

    If the game looks like that

  32. Julka w says


  33. Jonathan Perez says

    Me: 0:41 Me after killing the EndDragon.

  34. Malac Genijalac says

    1:00 pillager

  35. Alceu Dolla says

    Xbox one or Xbox 360

  36. Zuzanna S. says




  38. audberto gonzalez says

    Stolen from terraria!!!!

  39. joao clesh says

    mine does not update

  40. José Aparecido Alves says


  41. JuJu Binx says

    high boots

  42. roblox and minecraft fan says

    Were da Queen bee

  43. Jerry25 says

    Xbox ❤

  44. Kubix TM says

    Updapte for Miecraft: Xbox one Edytion pls

  45. XxKIKOxX FT says


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