Call of Duty Black Ops COLD WAR Trailer (2020) PS5 / Xbox Series X

  1. Rift Salty says

    Also bo1 was the best story so good shit

  2. Oleg Sokolov says

    Наконец-то cod здорового человека.

  3. Alex brom says

    The plot of the game will be about bad Russians again !? Or again, the Russians are to blame for everything ?!

  4. PolishFinnish says

    Oh I thought this was a Lincoln Project ad on Trump for a second lol 😂

  5. Nightjaw says

    just hopefully it doesnt turn out to be just a multiplayer/pvp only
    unlike a certain other cod…

  6. i.STiLL.FUNCTiON says

    Not feeling the gameplay. Looks like too much talking.

  7. kobratrooper496 says

    So… kinda like today's America!

  8. Ark O'holic says

    Well that was a bit close for comfort wasn't it Mericah?? 😀

  9. Stephen Pappas says

    Good, maybe this game will educate in the process get people out of denial.

  10. mives02 says

    And for those of us who grew up in the 80’s, what we are seeing now is like a big fat “we told you so”.

  11. Опять злые Русские? Да сколько можно?

  12. EL Kapusto says

    Парни из США пишут в комментариях «о, это то что происходит с нами прямо сейчас». Не, ребят. Это то что произошло с СССР 30 лет назад и с десятком других стран, в котором работало ЦРУ.

  13. That Juan Guy says

    I bet you we are going to get a cold war shooter set in the foreseeable future.

  14. boodof says

    This didn’t age well.

  15. Sly Marbo says

    Radicalizing college kids into violent socialists, while infiltrating education for indoctrinization?

    Nah. Too unrealistic.

  16. Rusdy Parinduri says

    They fight a losing War in Vietnam people get angry on the street and they blame Soviet spy

  17. Bloody Crow says

    Esto no le va gustar a Rusia por el último comentario xD

  18. WTFAnyNameWorks says

    So no xbox one/Ps4 release?

  19. Kinming Wong says

    Is this a alternate timeline with America and Russia going to war with each other in the 1950s to 1970s?

  20. Kundan Rai says

    We will be waiting for this game play

  21. MonsterMeat Marcus says

    oh great.. again?

  22. Kage Shigi says

    GAMEPLAY!..don't waste or time with B.S. trailers

  23. Denis says


  24. Damn this is lots of scary stuff real event

  25. Alexey says

    Обратно в СССР

  26. Мы покажем вам кузькину мать

  27. Heraclius SPQR says

    Learn more about the Yuri the man in the tv here.

  28. scatterbrained. says

    What a mic drop of a game trailer!

  29. Vincent L says

    Everybody should be made aware about Yuri's warning about idealogical subversion!

  30. attq says

    Is he referring to the CCP?

  31. Casinolee203 says

    I feel like they tryna tell us something and warn us this is scary

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