Call of Duty: Warzone – Rebirth of the Dead Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

  1. super clash king says

    plz ps we want ghost of tsushima on pc plz we loved sider man and all other games so plz plz

  2. Rye_Station says

    Killing floor 2 is the bext wave based zombie game ever made

  3. Orders69pizzas says

    Be really cool to get a stand alone zombies game tbh. I still play Space Land

  4. Revolutionary says

    Activision pls return back a mode Town Clash or another team death match

  5. Brian Boss70 says

    Where is the version PlayStation 5?

  6. Shoto Todoroki says

    Sometimes you’ve just got to Admit defeat, and apologize for releasing Vanguard.

  7. Walter Braga says

    Oma gold

  8. Mario Perez Torres says

    Yes l So Look Watch Found By l All Terrorist VS l All Zombies?!… Nice!Huh,Huh,Huh? 😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱

  9. Skillful Jester says

    Another cod game im not buying anymore xD

  10. BLUE EYES says

    Boring zzzz

  11. AfroSamurai215 says


  12. novastorm980 says

    Is this another 20 gig?

  13. Alejandro says

    Raven – Adds zombies, “well seems it’s time for a nuke.” Come on we already know all call of duty zombie problems are solved with a nuke. Come on raven, think of something original for once. Get someone who thinks outside the box and let him be the running man dev.

  14. Callum nathan says

    Can we please get jean claude van damme as a skin 🙏🏻

  15. Rouge Elite says

    Ummm A bit early for a Halloween event don't you think

  16. SMART MUSIC says

    no copy right music.

  17. lah2174 says

    Why are 90% of the comment bots, there’s no way this many people care about this game

  18. mohd playzz says

    Boys get ready!

  19. MG42 says

    I remember when at launch warzone had soldiers as playable carachters and not clowns

  20. Carlos_ 1434 says

    They just won’t stop milking call of duty

  21. JHolland says

    They do this but still struggle to add party games into zombies like bo2 , we need grief and turned back …

  22. train_go_boom2065 says

    I hear the one zombie from tranzit

  23. Daniel Hayden says


  24. Séankc10 says

    Are you going to add zero caliber in psvr

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