Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium – Launch Trailer

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Enjoy the Ultimate Arcade Experience at Home!– Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium is out now with 32 arcade classics to play on Xbox One!

Play the single player fan-favorites like BLACK TIGER, MAGIC SWORD, and MEGAMAN 2 – THE POWER FIGHTERS, or get hyped with family and friends in arcade hits like STREET FIGHTER, SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTERS, and Capcom Sports Club. Pick up these classic gems from the Capcom vault and play today!

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  1. Christi Davis says

    Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium – Launch Trailer

  2. Zack Ross says

    we need burnout revenge remastered

  3. Zack Ross says

    very nice

  4. Zack Ross says

    we need burnout 3 remastered

  5. Влад Денисенко says

    Интересный факт: Аркадные игры топ)

  6. Deep Color says


  7. Dii h says

    Abusive price here in Brazil…Very expensive ☹

  8. Pedro Cora says

    Need For Speed EA Game XBOX Series X PC 😭

  9. Danielgears says

    and Fenix collecion

  10. Mohd iman Saifullizan says

    Capcom vs Namco

  11. MIKI KIKI says

    Xbox games💪

  12. Steeped Tea Gaming says

    Power Stone Collection next?

  13. sixdroid0302 // says


  14. Brandon Farfan says

    Old school games!👍😄

  15. Millenia Williams says

    Cross-play would make this even greater!

  16. Tails the Fox says

    Can we buy the roms separately for the games we want? Aside from the basketball and wrestling game, I have all this in different compilations on the original Xbox and PS2.

  17. TheCrucible Ninja. says


  18. Horizon Herbs says

    I will get this

  19. T.R.U. Louisianimal says


  20. Jonah Falcon says

    I have 2 disabled friends who are pleased about the accessibility options.

  21. Rodrigo Ricardo says

    Capcom i love it.

  22. Haikal Zamzami says

    Genshin Impact Xbox when?

  23. M Tibiau says

    For gamepass?

  24. ahmed Ahmed says

    Société s'il vous plaît, nous voulons fournir un impact Genshin sur Xbox

  25. Truly the games of all time

  26. Alexxmondra says


  27. genshin says

    very niceeee

  28. Gianfranco La Rotta says


  29. يآرب اتوسل إليك بحق إسمك الأعضم أن ترزق صاحب اليد التي ستدعــمنـــي با متابعة ورزق لاينتهي وتوفيق لانهاية ♥️🕊️….

  30. Xenoro says

    Wow ! Xbox your the best

  31. RosT says

    Вау! 🇺🇦

  32. MidnightSun Animations says


  33. Alexis. saravia says

    We need the The Warrios Remastered

  34. Evolution guy YT says

    1 St view

  35. Dennis Soares says


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