Captain Black – Trailer

  1. daniel D says

    That bloke isnt like that he's not a mince or a peodo no matter what people say what a fucking slut! Its her fault she was asking for it poor bloke didnt deserve that! Almost made me cry

  2. Adam Tan says

    One day this filmmaker will be bigger than Kevin Smith, but maybe he'll go another route and be the heir to John Cassavetes.

  3. lorenzo gomar says

    I hate movies that have no ending.

  4. clueless says

    It’s fucking trash

  5. Tod'NaRa says

    Good movie but the ending was fucked up, sent us in no direction.

  6. shuaib Bhatti says

    This movie takes sucks to hole another level.

  7. Michael X says

    big s***

  8. Renaldo Matadeen says


  9. Critic 7 says

    Like some kinda Japanese drama. Ridi….s

  10. anisa sania says

    I love that kind of drama.For me it s a great movie.

  11. Nathaniel Shayne Tagilala says

    This movie sucks

  12. Branko Raskov says

    week movie versus defendor

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