CARMEN SANDIEGO Trailer (Netflix, 2019) Animation

  1. Charles Jackson says

    One Step Forward For Carmen Sandiego

  2. Manusia Gaming says

    Wow she want to go in my country indonesia!!!

  3. Neil Brown says

    This, "Voltron," and now a new Transformers series on Netflix makes me quote the Borg Queen: "Watch your future's end."

  4. Stranger things !fan says

    Hi Finn

  5. Anas Hasibuan says

    Did she says indonesia??

  6. Benwah says

    No. No. No. No. No.

  7. MiLo L. says


  8. Amador Murillo Hernández says

    You just really don't understand, right, Mr. Netflix?

  9. ligma BALLS says

    The fuck, who this new chick?
    I want the adult Carmen not the just got out of high school looking motherfucker.

  10. Dean Redfield says

    Crap…Again, to destroy my childhood…

  11. Bogumila Czwakiel says


  12. Bogumila Czwakiel says


  13. Tounushi says

    Did they make her 10 years younger than the original, though?

  14. yoda apologist says

    i like the art style, nice change from the disgusting calarts/steven universe style shit

  15. Xaero188 says

    Gotta go back. Back to the past, Samurai Ja~ ehrm-m-m, sorry. It just really looks like it's directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. Which means I'm really interested, even though I've never played any videogames about Carmen Sandiego or watched the first TV series.

  16. Marvin Brown says

    loses points on bad animation.

  17. Mosa One says

    Kaito kid ??‍♂️

  18. pastel loca says

    Looks cool

  19. notyet Brennan says

    We're in the world is (deep voice) carmon sandiago

  20. notyet Brennan says

    Going to Dr rpov

  21. kenneth davy says

    Getting a sly cooper vibe ??
    I’ll check it when it drops

  22. Jackson Furlong says


  23. Tatu's and Barbi's VLOG says


  24. Sheso Madeline says

    Omg!!!! I still prefer the original Carmen Sandiego series she was kickass and mysterious!!! I admired and wanted to be Carmen as a child! ??

  25. nevSvenskeren says

    look cool

  26. XMckingwill says


  27. NaBi The Rabbit says

    Wait wasn't it that she made V.I.L.E? I don't remember much.

  28. Pom pom12 says

    ooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo, this looks good

  29. ÅÝÈßHÃ ŽÄBĖĘŃ says


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