Cat Cafe Manager – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Cat Cafe Manager is available now on Nintendo Switch:

Travel to the sleepy village of Caterwaul Way and rebuild your grandmother’s cat cafe. Renovate your restaurant, befriend the local cats and townsfolk, forge lasting friendships, unravel catty mysteries, and build a home for dozens of unique felines!

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  1. AlinaGray88 says

    We have no cats, Kathleen

  2. Mervan Aydin says

    what if Masahiro Sakurai was assassinated?

  3. Jessica Lee says

    Cats YES but I will just save it in my wishlist and wait until bugs are fixed… the comments here are helpful

  4. Wolfy Mudkips says

    Thus looks sooo cute. I heard it's a bit buggy tho? Has that been fixed yet?

  5. Tirigon 1980 says

    I like the game :3

  6. Adia Sutton says

    This looks like such a fun cute game!

  7. elmudd06 says

    Bought this on switch, very cute game and really enjoyed the gameplay BUT. On the switch, it's laggy as you begin expanding the cafe and prone to crashing. I tolerated it a few times because I could typically load my file and jump back in. I'd completed the main story gameplay and was looking forward to maximizing my resources and cafe but now, Day 90 (in the game's timeline), the save file nor the autosave will load. Just crashes immediately. All I can do now I guess is start a new game file but I imagine I'll run into the same problems as I progress. If you're interested in this game, I'd recommend getting it on PC instead. Too many issues on the switch and not worth 20 dollars, imo. (Otherwise, would have been fine paying 20 bucks!) I hope the developers patch and fix up this stuff. It's a really nice game to pick up at any time.

  8. 5p1ic3 says

    This game is SO CUTE! PLEASE, give us bug fixes on the Switch!!🥺🥺

  9. Stephanie Currie says

    this is great 🤣 XD

  10. The Golden Knight says

    You freaking killed SML

  11. Triple A says

    it's not a finished game and now it's in nintendo????? WHAT?

  12. sleung says

    So many bugs, needs update , can't advance into the game

  13. Ahmed says

    This looks like a mobile game but a very fun pne ill be sure to check it out

  14. luone edits says

    I bought this game forf free

  15. jojo hokuto no ken says

    new fzero plz

  16. TigerWolf says

    Missed opportunity to call it Catfe Manager. sigh

  17. Lemuel Chideha Ikeokwu says

    nintendo why did you tell logan to delete supermariologan

  18. Thomas tbone says

    i am a fan of cats but cat cafe really?

  19. Minh Tran says

    is this the new dlc to acnh?

  20. happy the player says


    Auf der Switche kommt gefühlt 90% nur noch Crap raus LOL

  21. aussieknuckles says

    If this is like the Sims but with cat's that would be kewl.

  22. sonic s.f hkr yt says


  23. Masqueradia says

    Huh…. Calico sure looks different in this trailer…

  24. Atilla Babayev says

    Can you add the 2006 New Super Mario Bros.DS To Mario Maker 2 please? You can update it to a different version to extra game style???

  25. SirDinkus says

    Get this pastel tumbr barf outta here.

  26. Edderdot says

    Omg this is just like a cute phone game but without those soul destroying in app purchases everywhere. I want.!!

  27. ATdb says

    Smash Bros is broken

  28. ATdb says

    Smash Bros is broken

  29. ATdb says

    Smash Bros is broken

  30. Cat Bag says

    Please bring nintendo dogs+cats on the switch and also new style boutique

  31. HADES says

    Call of duty???

  32. Cool Guy says

    Hey Nintendo I’m pirating all your major games, and only supporting 3rd party games for the switch. I’m talking the og donkey Kong, melee, wassup

  33. Obviously124 says

    Where’s Odyssey 2😔😭

  34. Wyatt Moore says

    @Nintendo I like to suggest chatting on the Nintendo Switch!

  35. kitsune0rei says

    Ok this actually looks deeper than I thought at first glance. Intrigued.

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