Changing Views on Video Game Collecting

  1. caraloca says

    5:29 Ian the word you are looking for is colectionist

  2. Robert Mcknight says

    I recently spent some time hanging out in the n64 subreddit. I feel like there's lots of folks there who are collecting and not playing. Not for me.

  3. PearlJammer07 says

    Neat to see Luna store front. Over the past twelve years i purchased games i knew that i would enjoy for years to come, i haven't got to all of them or beating all of them that will take time. People that just buy games for the hell of it or to show on social media that is a little irritating. Now i use to buy music CD's thinking i would like them and some i didn't and am going to sell them to free up space and a little coin in my pocket to buy some music that i have sampled and really like.

    For the past three years off and on i considered selling most or all of my physical collection and playing games in digital and flash cart forms. In the end i decided i like having a physical collection that is why i started buying back retro video games.

  4. Marc Power says

    I wonder could the popularity of shows like "storage wars" maybe have a lot to do with prices spiking. I've seen interviews where people who do that for a living have said since storage wars debuted attendance at storage locker auctions went crazy and prices went up with people trying to "get rich quick". Maybe game collecting is going through a similar thing.

  5. The Shadowgate Keeper says

    I personally don't give a shit if you collect to play games or just have them sit on your shelf, if youre doing it out of love for the hobby then you can do whatever you want with your money.

    My only real problem with video game collecting are asshole market cornerers. The ones that buy up ALLLLL the copies of certain games just to boost the "value" of it and hold it captive for an absurd ransom. It absolutely butt fucks the economy of the hobby and turns a fun casual time into an overpriced snore.

  6. zensai says

    i totally understand and agree. some people come into game collecting like they are looking to invest in good stock. they look for those rare expensive games hoping to make a profit. others are basically hoarders and not really into games like that. its good that you realized you didnt need so many games taking up space moderation is key. i personally collect for ps1, ps2, ps3, gamecube, wii. combined so far i have maybe 200 games that i actually would and will play and enjoy. others i might sell off when iam done. quality over quantity is key. not every game is worth the money and space. collecting a set from a system is probably the biggest waste of time and money. i hope however you didnt sell your samson and flintstones dinosaur peak when you dumped your nes games lol.

  7. Pokemonguy16RS says

    I think collecting the games you truly enjoy and play as a kid are worth keeping, but going out to buy a sports title that you may never play? Meh not my cup of tea…Keep it small and focus on titles that matter to you, for me it's heavily on Pokemon/Mario/Rare-ware/minor Zelda titles. Nothing else interests me. I love Pokemon and I don't mind spending on something that I still truly enjoy the old/new. If I see something worth $20, but say it's some random title I know nothing about, Am i going to purchase it? No, I would much rather save that money and put it towards on a rare Pokemon item, lets say a Pokemon center limited edition item that I may of wanted for years and has value to me.

  8. SuperSteelers says

    I sold most of my video games a couple years ago and put that money into dividend growth stocks. I only kept a few games that I love to play over and over. I noticed quickly when I sold those games I love to play I always ended up buying them back again, so it didn't take me long to learn which ones were my favorites.

  9. JonO GOD says

    Sold all my all games and replaced them with roms on the pc.Seems pointless because to keep them all. Will all fail over time, due to how the games are made only circuits and chip's electrical parts only last so long. Seem silly looking at boxes in 15 years.

  10. BookooZenny says

    Luna Games was the last thing I expected to see in a thumbnail haha

  11. PopovMaax says

    The only console I collect for the sake of collecting is the 3DO. It's such a unique and fascinating console. Otherwise I just buy games that I will definitely play.

  12. TanMelon says

    Interesting topic! I just started collecting for my favorite system of all time the PS2. I want to have a complete North American set but for me I want to play them as well! I don't want to just buy them for the shelf. I want to be able to give it to my future kids (if any come lol) But I don't want them to go to waste at a flea market getting rained on or destroyed because they are old. Games do circulate as any thing does but some people do take it too far. I saw this one guy who had ps2 and xbox sets SEALED and will never open them! At that point why have them if you don't intend on playing them!?

  13. Gordon Shumway says

    I forgot about Pat. Only thing really worth watch(and rewatching) are the flea market madness episodes.
    I find his podcast comically dull and might actually have a chance of being interesting if he would just cut buzzkill Ian.
    Oh well. I'm sure I'll see another episode in my recommended feed a couple of months from now.

  14. Seph says

    If you play alot of video games. You're a gamer.

  15. J C says

    That's the way I approach it, I try to look at stuff and decide ok, if I sell this and I hate not having it, then I can go buy it again. There are a few exceptions to this, but overall that's how I roll.

  16. PrinzessinRamode says

    What is your opinion of collecting games with full intention to play them, but just simply never really having time? Therefore, they end up getting shelved.

  17. VanyelK says

    Ian that Patreon joke was brilliant! Pat needs to be fucked with more often 😂

  18. Tsai says

    I'm so glad I was able to quit collecting games, I used to buy a lot, retro, collector's edition etc. Finally able to break free. Saved so much money, LESS stress and anxiety. Having shelves that isn't stacked with games makes me feel more calm and relax. I spend my money mostly on good food, exercise equipment, clothes and dates. I'm also playing less games now too, games can't hold my attention anymore lol. Meeting new people, keeping healthy and cooking is more entertaining than gaming.

  19. gotohellaaron says

    Do you read comic books too?

  20. D B says

    Just scored a little Sampson, metalstorm,contra alien wars, sparkster, hagan and jetsons cogswell caper for 350 bucks. Cannot wait until this weekend. I love my local gameshop.

  21. Brent Ninja says

    I like to collect but when everyone likes to collect the market turns to shit. What would be a $5 nes game costs $40 when the market floods with sheep buyers

  22. Gumba 213 says

    Seems like vintage games spiked in value over the last 10 yrs, I wonder if they will keep appreciating at that rate.

  23. VirtualComrade says


  24. Your Lost Crayons says

    How? How do you collect and not play the games? I can't fathom this.

  25. Corey Thurston says

    Wouldn't be a podcast if you didn't get reminded of Patreon. Ian's comment stopped be dead in my tracks.

  26. pablo Hill says

    Why does the font of the video game shop look like a Chinese restaurant

  27. SuperBuu85 says

    All of the games on my shelves are pretty much a family collection, because several of them belong to my two brothers, and a few of them were initially bought for my father, but he never really got that big into console gaming, he still plays a few things on PC, and he still likes a few certain arcade games, and would probably still play them if he had easy access to them. Also there are no sealed games, everything has been played or at least tested once, wish I could play all of the ones that have only been tested, and I'd like to play a lot of the others again, but these days, finding the time to do so just isn't easy.

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