Charlie's Angels – Trailer

  1. [PingWi ]Papa Pingwi says

    Женя сказал, что фильм говно! Не ходите , люди)

  2. Nizhoni SM says

    Movie and soundtrack sucks lmfaoo biggest L of the year

  3. S Beaver says

    Another stupid feminist movie.

  4. de wolff says

    Ok feminist.

  5. JO says

    Hooray for girl power, pass the sick bag…….

  6. Nicole Collins says

    Actually looks good…. Female bosely tho???? Girl power…. Bringing out the spice girl in me lol z

  7. JD Francis says

    The brainstem's arterial supply isn't via the carotid arteries… Had you just stopped at 'brain', I wouldn't have sighed while watching this trailer.

  8. john g says

    Id thought theyd give up after Ghostbusters all women leads.
    At least a massive loss on this will hopefully stop more woke indoctrination from Hollywood.

  9. Abir Ahmed says

    Never saw the first one so why the hell would i see this one

  10. PIGSY MAGIC says

    Oh no, another power woman film, as a man I feel unrepresented by this film and feel it does not have enough men in. The men that are in it are portraid as idiots, oafs or sex mad pests

  11. oldemajicks says

    I was going to make a joke about I can't wait to be informed on how this movie is the latest attack on men, but I see that you're all already here. 😂 As you were, gentlemen.

  12. Jord Broad says

    First time in my entire life I didnt even finish the trailer

  13. Jord Broad says

    Zzzzz garbage

  14. noun uneedtono says

    The 'black' girl makes this movie

  15. sean Patrick says

    When is Hollywood ever gonna learn ..woman trying men movies "never work" …Just laughed at 😂

  16. rosalind russell says

    Feminist claptrap.

  17. James Tucker says

    Yawn 😴

  18. Android Developer says


  19. Yaz A says


  20. reson8 says

    The 'sneaky feminist ideas' have sunk this ship. Stop lecturing us already, it's supposed to be entertainment not indoctrination.

  21. Donna-Maria Welsh says

    Great. More virtue signalling celebrities coming our way.

  22. VampCorp UK says

    And it's a complete waste of my time, BANKS – it's shit and that has nothing to do with me being a man or "hating" strong female characters, your movie is just crap.

  23. Maja Henriksen says

    Flop incoming in 3….2….

  24. Evil Exists says

    Watch for free on teaTv apk download on my channel!

  25. mairead foley says

    Yeah idk I'm bothered to watch this

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