Chasing Molly – Trailer

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Molly Reynolds is a paranormal con artist, using the guise of casting out demons to steal valuables from her clients. During an evening of scamming, Molly and her partner Atticus Gram accidentally steal a teapot full of ecstasy from LA’s biggest drug kingpin, Mr. Black. Instead of retrning the pills, Molly and Atticus decide to sell them so they can stop their demon-cleansing scheme. While Molly has success selling pills, Atticus is kidnapped by Mr. Black’s goons. Atticus is now being held as collateral until Molly can return Mr. Black’s merchandise. With no money, no connections, and no one to help her, Molly has to use her con artist skills to navigate the underbelly of Los Angeles. Molly must evade the police, fight off drug dealers, crime bosses, muggers, addicts, pimps, jealous ex-girlfriends, craigslist creepers, and multiple street gangs all in time to save her partner and herself.


  1. Joe Smith says


  2. gigg11c says

    Looks shite

  3. Dan Shamberger says

    That's Jamie from Progressive!!!!

  4. Derrick Hackett says


  5. Monkey Haters says

    If this is a geico movie? where's flow!!!!?‍?

  6. vaporware2000 says

    Click For The Review
    Stay For The Peanuts & Popcorn

  7. A. F. says

    Pro wrestler Kurt Angle in the house!!

  8. YaBoyShaggy says

    I won Olympic gold with a broken freakin neck! Did you really think you could beat me?

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