CHECKERED NINJA (2018) – Official Trailer

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the trailer for CHECKERED NINJA (2018), an animation movie directed by Anders Matthesen and Thorbjørn Christoffersen.
Available on digital platforms now.

All rights belong to A Film and LevelK.

In CHECKERED NINJA, the nervous seventh-grader Alex receives a checkered ninja toy as a souvenir from his Uncle Stewart who has returned from Thailand. Soon, Alex learns that the toy is alive and can help him with his problems at school. But the ninja is also seeking revenge from the ruthless manufacturers who made it – and for that, it will need help from Alex.


  1. Alpha Kassingong says

    Bro I love your Ronald Bavarian video, when will this movie come out

  2. Frankie says

    This looks EPIC!

  3. George r says

    This movie is gonna be #1

  4. George r says

    I watched the movie it made me cry

  5. George r says


  6. Rhodora Cataluna says

    He super cool i watched all of your videos hey faster make that now

  7. Hunter Yonts says

    Looks amazing

  8. Jake Mcmartin says

    This made by the same guys who made Ronal the barberian?

  9. Jakop Kragslay says

    Still better than live action remakes.

  10. LTAndrew Dixon says

    This looks good

  11. Benjamin Kofi says

    That is good and I like it

  12. LeeV94 says

    I look forward to this

  13. Kudakwashe Maxwell says

    love it!

  14. Tine Klint says

    when is the release?

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