“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official trailer for Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness, an animation movie starring Danny Fehsenfeld and Donte Paris. In theaters 2022.

Young Chickenhare is the adopted son of King Peter, a famous adventurer. Part chicken and part hare, he has a really tough time growing up and disguises himself as a hare to avoid the mockeries of his peers. When the day of the Royal Adventurer Society trials comes, Chickenhare, hampered by his disguise, fails miserably. But he is determined to grab a second chance and find the Scepter of the Hamster of Darkness, before his evil Uncle Lapin. The Scepter will give immense power to its holder. If Lapin gets hold of it, he will be unstoppable. Accompanied by his faithful servant Abe, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a martial arts expert skunk, he sets of on an epic and initiatory quest.

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  1. Xedio Leo says

    No puedo ver una película con animales antropomorfos sin compararla con zootopia xd

  2. Ding'OBell says

    I sounded high when I read the title

  3. Laia Gázquez Sánchez says

    After watching the trailer, I sincerely don't know what to say

  4. Mir Frost says

    Спижонно у диснея

  5. Alastor The Radio Demon says

    Ohh how entertaining

  6. Ricardo Pineda C says

    This is larrikins :^

  7. Princess Fiona says

    Look it's zootopia Lame straight to DVD knock off


    Bro I thought this was zootopia 2 XD

  9. mickey studios says

    This is half Indiana Jones meets zootopia with a rabbit that looks both as a chicken and bunny

  10. ZEKE says

    If they are all animals what the carnivor animals eat ? Are they canibals ?

  11. Grimstar2417 says

    the pigs are best part of this movie hands down the sound design is awesome

  12. R.A.R illustration says

    Zootopia 2 :v

  13. Everlena Oliver says

    This looks like something Saberspark and Animat would like.

  14. Marily Chavez says

    Looks like the bunny and the turtle from robin hood

  15. Batman's Justice says

    I admit that at first I seriously thought it was the sequel (or at least a spin-off) of Zootopia.

  16. Matthew K 2 says

    Come on stop make animals talk pls

  17. Gangster 2.0 says

    The turtle from this movie and over the hedge are very similar. also compared to the other movies coming out I am not too excited for this one.

  18. GamesForTed says

    Insert Zootopia joke here

  19. Katelynn Rushe says

    I have to say… I’m pretty excited for this movie!!

  20. Lone Kirin says

    The pigs came straight out of Minecraft

  21. Shadowess says

    this is the type of movie I'd watch on my computer from the safety of my room so my parents don't make me feel stupid for watching it

  22. Silentkiller_killed says

    1:11 this sounds so fricking familiar

  23. Spicywaffles says

    For some reason I thought it was a zootopia sequel

  24. 부끄 says

    주토피아 후속작인줄 알았네

  25. Josuelatino says

    Por un momento pensé que era un conejo de zootopia

  26. Maria Bria says

    Its sorta not animated that good looks kinda weirdly animated

  27. Echo Trash says

    I like movies with fun animal characters, I can dig this.

  28. Salrie Antlerhorn says

    Wow! First Zootopia then Sing and now Chickenhare! If this Movie is good as the trailer, I'll have found the Ultimate Furry Movie Trilogy! And Hybrids are awesome!

  29. Chao Vue says

    The turtles look like the designs from over the hedge movie (2006)

  30. Jacob Vanillo says

    It's mixed Zootopia, Indiana Jones, Sahara, Muppet Treasure island, Disney Hurcules, Chicken Little and Balto.

  31. Ân Đoàn says

    The trailer suck

  32. Ân Đoàn says

    Look like trash to me

  33. Caitlyn Green says

    What a hybrid and athletic.

  34. TaniAa Reynal2 says

    1:10 What the heck is doin Quetzalcoatl there????

  35. MrDamakable says

    So Judy broken up with Nick and in her heartbreak have a one night stand with a chicken, gotten pregnant and throw away the baby because it is malformed and she wants to focus on her career?

  36. Eddy surya says

    Is this zootopia

  37. Lunar 02 says

    This movie looks awful tbh

  38. Marsmia says

    I see they scraped the Taxidermist plot…… for a more family friendly vibe…. Shame…. The comic kinda gave me coralline vibes

  39. BirdBaily says

    I don’t know if I’ll like this movie. And again.. the female being the clever ones and the males being the dumb ones.. yaaay….

  40. NewSallyPurpleYT : : says

    Interesting and cool trailer.

  41. NAK says

    I'm excited to watch this movie and I have a theory that Chickenhare himself is inspired from the Wolpertinger of German folklore. The Wolpertinger is a creature that is a rabbit with the antlers of a deer and the wings of a pheasant. I could've theorized that he is inspired from the Skvader of Swedish folklore because of how close it is to his species, but the lore behind the Wolpertinger is more interesting. Anyway, the Wolpertinger is said to possess various supernatural abilities including immortality and not being able to be separated on a molecular level. It is strange how he was left all alone in the jungle home to the temple housing the Hamster of Darkness. Maybe the Hamster of Darkness wasn't the only prized treasure, but Chickenhare himself. There could've been a possibility that some group related to Aztecs or Incans like those pigs have invaded a European country similar to Germany and stole Chickenhare when they somehow heard legends about his kind possessing superpowers that would be highly desired like immortality and separation immunity. Once they found out that he either didn't have these powers or wasn't able to grant them to anyone, they tossed him aside and didn't acknowledge him as a truly valuable treasure. There's also a possibility that the pigs were formerly of Celtic heritage like the giant rolling stone wheel in the temple had patterns that are very similar to Celtic knot patterns. I have to admit that this is one crazy theory, but sometimes you never know what's going to happen.

  42. char free says

    A cautionary tale of what happens when a bunny and a chicken get too freaky.

  43. Zeykko says

    I thought a hare and a chicken would make Easter eggs

  44. idlevalley says

    First Zootopia knock-off I've seen… I'd still watch this.

  45. Eugene Godzilla says

    Chicken hare

  46. peyton card says

    Really he half chicken and half rabbit

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