Citizen Sleeper – Xbox Game Pass Launch Trailer

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From the developer of In Other Waters, and featuring the stunning character art of Guillaume Singelin, Citizen Sleeper is a narrative RPG set on Erlin’s Eye, a ruined space station that is home to thousands of people trying to survive on the edges of an interstellar capitalist society.

You are a sleeper, a digitized human consciousness in an artificial body, owned by a corporation that wants you back. Thrust amongst the unfamiliar and colorful inhabitants of the Eye, you need to build friendships, earn your keep, and navigate the factions of this strange metropolis, if you hope to survive to see the next cycle.


  1. The Watcher says

    This makes me think of ID-O a anime

  2. Stan Osbourne says

    Who cares about this game day one release? Yet another randomised cheap indi game. I will pass it.

  3. HungryAndConfused says

    Nice game, but like……. how do upgrade?

  4. Paulo Marques says

    Nice game to play on cloud gaming

  5. Matthew Ngo says

    The accent's are really giving me Expanse Belter vibes.

  6. home base says

    it's not nice for kids only….WE NEED ACTION GAME PLEASE SOMETHING BETTER

  7. G says

    Looks boring

  8. Santiaago says

    Good good, thank you game pass xbox

  9. metal willrock420 says

    Add project winter back to game pass

  10. Felipe Carvalho says

    Nice OST and idea. I'll check out for sure

  11. DarqStalker says

    BRB downloading and playing right now.

  12. billebats says

    Wtf am I looking at

  13. Gaming Fun says


  14. Padelis Likos says

    Indiepass…..boring games again…

  15. Scott says

    Won't lie; I've been looking forward to this game!

  16. Pedro Cora says

    Need For Speed EA ?

  17. Dii h says

    Fall guys ??

  18. TreeMunky says

    Looks like an expansive Tharsis 👍 I'm game.

  19. philsonhtc says

    Looks like it will put me straight to sleeper 😴

  20. Y9Power says

    I like the Moebius art style.

  21. Undead Mercenary says

    Looks interesting, just turned my xbox off whilst it was downloading "trek to yomi"

    Looks like I'll have to turn it back on and start this one too lol

  22. Leonardo Sanchez says

    Que buena música!

  23. Lalo Salamanca says

    does it work on xbox one or just series?

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