Concrete Genie – Story Trailer | PS4

  1. Alec 14 says

    I also wonder if this will be open world

  2. Atomic203 says

    I can relate to the main character:(

  3. Karter Vixen says

    I'm actually kinda excited for this game, guess I'll have to clear up some space on PS4

  4. lsd plus dph visual

  5. Blau Feder says

    Welp, hei Brommi, Ink is searching for you ?

  6. Echo C says

    Looks neat, but runs on a total of 15 frames sometimes by the looks of it

  7. One SexyPine says

    At least we all know people like the gang at the beginning grow to resent themselves with ever new day they wake up to.

  8. Smug Loli says

    so basically him baby

  9. diamondogs1 says

    2:25 reminds me of infamous second son

  10. Calaga128 says

    Rudy you gotta DRAW SOMETHING

  11. Jeff Barker says

    Yeah! Looking forward to this one!

  12. Jeremiah Olide says

    I bet you that this will be an award winning game soon

  13. Jabberwocky says

    I've told myself to stop watching playstation game reveals cos i don't have a playstation and i will never be able to play them but i just can't help myself, can i?

  14. Arianne Rivera says

    Dats Dope

  15. PROMETHEUS says

    Se ve prometedor este juego, ojalá me lo pudiera descargar :'(

  16. king1supreme says

    Sony does it again!!!

  17. Nica Raven says


  18. Beckett McDonald says

    I don't have a PS4 so please, Switch or PC port… this looks AMAZING!!!

  19. Felipexp says

    What an ugly kid

  20. Love it need it

  21. MarkShark07 says

    I've been following this game for a while and I'm SO EXCITED!!!! ITS ABOUT TO FINALLY COME OUT!!!!!

  22. Douglas Freeman says

    Genie from Aladdin: “Did someone say something about a Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….. n-never mind. (Leaves.)”

  23. Nega-Venom says

    I don't like the way how the mouth moves but other than that the game looks interesting

  24. Ver Coda says

    The kid’s animation looks a little wonky, but the rest looks great. Definitely interested in this one…

  25. Andy Underlife says

    At these times i wish i had playstation

  26. Minibray says

    Is it only for ps4?

  27. That Guy From Outer Space says

    Vandalizing is not okay, kids, unless you're told to by interdimensional demon creatures

  28. HEX[crimson] says

    His problems would all disappear if he just painted a gun

  29. Fodeyy says

    R U S B E

  30. cattleprodding says

    I’m getting a sense of Infamous meets Flower.

  31. xlsgamer ice king says

    This is nice not gonna lie i want to get this game

  32. Sans The skeleton says

    Epic mickey 3 The new create

  33. Golden Beast 746 says

    This kinda reminds me of little big planet

  34. dube araya says


  35. Anonymous Kyle says

    I wish I had a genie

  36. Sujon Miah says

    ……. Bangladesh……

  37. azarianu 22 says


  38. Walker - Origins says

    The new delsin rowe looks legit

  39. Ninja XnoG says

    The Character Looks like The man in infamous Second son right?

  40. KwadGamer005 says

    woah epic mickey 3

  41. fox burapa says

    i like this game!

  42. Ricky Davis says

    Wait a minute, this Kid's name is Ash? he uses monster's for combat purposes?
    Doesn't he want to be the best, like no one ever was? or am I thinking of someone else.

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