CONNECTED 'Dysfunctional Family' Official Trailer (NEW 2021) The Mitchells Vs.The Machines Animation

“Animation Movie” trailer

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Watch the official tv spots & trailer for Connected a.k.a The Mitchells Vs. The Machines, an animation movie starring Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride and Maya Rudolph. In theaters 2021.

Katie Mitchell is accepted into the film school of her dreams. Her whole family drives Katie to school together when their plans are interrupted by a tech uprising. The Mitchells will have to work together to save the world.

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  1. Arjun Gaming 2556 says

    When is this thing going to come out

  2. Amna Shah says

    I will never forget this movie

  3. domin plush E4 says

    I think the family plot line didn’t have enough content to it so they shoed in a different one

  4. Grimmations says

    Been waiting for this movie to finally happen

  5. Kevin Lockhart says

    I thought this movie was a dream, I was so excited to see this movie but when I realized that the movie is real, I want to watch this movie

  6. APPLE GANG says

    1:46 😂

  7. Liam1234_YT says

    the first half of the trailer: nice wholesome road trip about relations similar to the goofy movie
    the second half of the trailer: ROBOT APOCALYPSE

  8. Andrew Knowles says

    Dang it,👖🧸😋🌶🧸👖⚡🚮 Katie.👖🧸🐴🌶😋🧸👖⚠️🇮🇹

  9. NukeOTron says

    Remember when this movie was called Connected?
    Remember when it came out on October 23rd of 2020 as planned?

  10. Nia Sayamuongbo says

    I 💕 the video…so Amazing

  11. Orin says

    My time has come

  12. meh Studios says

    Grubhub guy is white now

  13. blisterypoet says

    I love it already the animation is incredible

  14. WorldIn Recovery says

    Why does the dad look like the offspring of Mr. Incredible and the evil guy from Hello Neighbor???

  15. Chaoticallyinteresting says

    Pupils are too dialated, they have no irises. This is bothering and messing with my brain. Probably cause I'm not just to this from Pixar/Disney.

  16. ParPar says

    please tell me they changed the dates to 2019 instead of 2020

  17. Joe Cool says

    You had me till you started doing the technology turns evil plot

  18. dios mio says

    What is this movie again?

  19. Madren Manyange says

    Everyone get excited this movie is coming to netflix

  20. Snufkin says

    This movie will honestly fall flat on its face

  21. Kairu Hikari says

    I still can't believe the fact that they made the boy sound like a 19 year old teen XD

  22. Shannon Butterfield says

    I heard someone named Stephen plan"s to make new movies shows channels videogames and other stuff to show and creat to the Goble for all .👍🎉🌈😍💯🗻🏔🎋🎋🌾🌍🎥🎨🔮🎥🎋🌄🗻🌾✔🎖💯🌈🔊🎶🎉🐛👍🌴🐉🗻🌄📝🎖🏔🎋🌾💐🎨🎥🔮🌍🎨🔮🌍🎥💐🌇🏝😎🔊🎉🌈🌈🎉💯✔😍😎😎✔😍🐉🐉🗻📝🎖🏔🌫

  23. it's zaira gaming says

    Really september,you gotta be kidding me

  24. Loli Loli Animations says

    I love their designs,can't wait anymore for this movie!

  25. Oliver Edwards says

    We Don't Need Netflix For Mitchells vs. Machines and Wish Dragon. What we Need is Theaters and Dvds

  26. cas says

    My mind is so bad that robots seem attractive

  27. Gary Britt says

    The dad looks like hello neighbor

  28. decusq says

    You had me at Emotional Comedy about a Father wanting to make memories with his family before daughter goes to college, you lost me at saving the world plot.

  29. CheapTea says

    i love how the dad or rick mitchell literally ruins katies trip to college

  30. Dylan says

    I honestly forgot about this movie existence

  31. Phinehas Maximus says

    okay but like, did anyone see that pride pen on Katie?

  32. Tayshawn says

    I was enjoying the first trailer they dropped until the robots…😕

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