Control Gameplay – PS4, Xbox One, PC Trailer – Remedy

  1. ZAPHYROS says

    That's a fvcking woke game! No thanks

  2. Jack Wathan says

    I get a Fear Vibes and I’m
    Liking it !

  3. Zane Palmer says

    The ending with the bookshelf makes me think of interstellar

  4. stephenemmonds says

    We need a new Alan Wake! I loved the story line of that game more than any game I have EVER played.

  5. Thatcoolguyseth says

    I need this right now

  6. МАСТЕР ez says

    Заебись ваще !! Лютая тема, под дудку ваще то что док прописал )))

  7. Matt Mirabella says

    Looks like Scarlett Johansson better have a black widow skin

  8. yogesh khande says

    Serious question where is Alan wake 2??

  9. iosek Games says

    looks good bro im gonna have the walkthrough in my channel

  10. 2 Dera says

    Quantum Break 2

  11. Puzo TV says

    3700 RUB pc version omg

  12. spsangeles says


  13. Awesome!

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