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“I’d like to tell you about a dream I had last night…
In my dream, the Hiss had broken free of this prison, this house. At first, many people thought it was horrifying…but also many people wanted to welcome the Hiss in.
Ha ha, funny… And that’s all I can remember of that dream.
This is an ordinary song, about an ordinary girl, from an ordinary town…”


  1. Dog Frog says

    concole controls your head ,boom

  2. hot says

    Detroit become human vibes

  3. GAHD music says

    Ohh now this game has my attention, i loved Alan wake but never did play Quantum break.

  4. Games Bond says

    Half of the trailer was pointing guns on head

  5. Chris O. says

    I cant watch it right now cause of age restriction. So jelly of the people that watched it beforehand

  6. THE ASSAULT says


  7. Space Asteroid says

    Extremely interesting trailer, might need to check this out. On August 27th.

  8. Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr says

    seems interesting

  9. Kristóf Horváth says

    WTF ??? Not an indie ? Finally!

  10. interesting

  11. Alexander Perez says

    Copy quantum break

  12. The Backlogged Gamer says

    Can’t wait for this game

  13. Pub x Stompa says

    Should be an exclusive Xbox! Tisk, tisk!

  14. Bekee x says

    Rip steam release.

  15. Spartan Prometeo says


  16. Richard Chatman says

    I'm getting this

  17. Skadewdle says

    So many weird comments on here. Sounds like paid shills or alt accounts.

  18. Ye Yeet says

    I know you won't be able to respond to this because you aren't the developers but will it be on switch

  19. Dangelo Rivera says

    Y didn't you fix this friendship!???

  20. That Practical Bro says

    Quantum Break was great….I'm excited to play this too…looks like it has some horror elements to it!

  21. Magnus Mad Krantz says

    This looks intresting. See you in Game Pass.

  22. Dejen de pedir xbox live gold para los juegos free to play descarados

  23. ItsFuzeyy says

    Anyone elses sign in broken?

  24. Daniel Pedraza says


  25. Az Ad says

    Please game exclosve xbox?

  26. Revan Star says

    Pin me to Win me! ?

  27. milon namoon says

    Hey que paso?


    Hmmmm… sure why not looks fun Xbox I’ll buy it ??‍♂️??

  29. ItzSpoons says

    Looks ace

  30. Dennis Costa says

    Soon it'll be in game Pass

  31. Dennis Costa says

    Soon it'll be in game Pass

  32. Don Iceberg says

    Super excited

  33. Ahmed GGTTYY says


  34. N A says


  35. Blade Runner says

    This will look awesome in 4K on the X

  36. jacob drolet says

    So amazing Xbox it reminds me of quantum break can’t wait for it and I want quantum break 2 work on it Xbox it’s the best game ever for Xbox also it be nice to have control and quantum break be connected in one way or another that be awesome etc ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  37. Clint S says

    Anyone else thinking Silence of the Lambs?

  38. Ryan Ortega says


  39. Aquazal says


  40. MTL Snipez Gaming says


  41. smythe holmes says

    When them exclusives coming out

  42. Dj Singh says

    Quantom break 2 lol…

  43. Roninha says


  44. Rorschach says

    Quantum Break 2 basically

  45. Yeet Yeet says


  46. Yeet Yeet says


  47. phantom killer087 says

    Oh im like it looks like their insane.

  48. DanielxD24829 says


  49. Ocean Baskuit says

    Epic name: Ocean Baskuit

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