Cricket 19 Review

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Cricket 19 reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on PlayStation 4. Also available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Watch 40 Minutes of Cricket 19 Gameplay:

Watch the Cricket 19 trailer:

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  1. Shahzaib Khan says

    pc release date ??

  2. Mohammad Abid says

    How to downloading?

  3. Rao DYC says

    You're making a game on Cricket without INDIA in it?!??!?!
    You better include INDIA as DLC to make it HIT

  4. Razor says

    No cricket game can beat Cricket 07

  5. Aayush peace says

    I still remember cricket 07 by EA. Man those days were gold…

  6. leongt1954 says

    Or maybe sticky lozenges to polish the ball LOL

  7. A P says

    Imagine a cricket game in VR that would be the game changer

  8. reggie furlow says

    They get excited about a weather thingy ??

  9. Immad Shaikh says

    All the teams should be licensed. I dont like this, every time aus, eng are the only teams that are licensed

  10. Qazi Munib says

    Chris Gayle Exists

    Narrator: I'm about to end this mans whole career

  11. krupesh333 says

    still not near fifa and nba2k

  12. Neil Khemani says

    The reviewer is pure Savage ?

  13. Daniel Stevens says

    “Hopefully the developers use spit and not sandpaper”

    Too soon

  14. Junaid Jee says

    IGN best review

  15. Sam gaming says

    Still waiting for EA's cricket 19… Pepehands

  16. rockyman_88 says

    8 out 10!

  17. Ankush Kamble says

    Kitne gb ki hae movje

  18. Ultra Gamer. com says

    Nothing can beet Cricket 07

  19. Stage Geek says

    Why is it not in stores yet?

  20. Obadiah Lloyd says

    Cricket 19 or Big Ant Studios Ashes Cricket?

  21. Vaishali Kaundal says

    plz this is not phone game do you know u hard work this game

  22. Neil Das says

    The Indian team has the wrong Jersey and crest. What a crappy game.

  23. Manzoor hussain says

    what,s the release date

  24. Sir Sermud says

    Where's the ball tampering gameplay?

  25. Ricardo J Nieves Lasalle says

    I feel sad for the waste of money creating sports video games that will end up in walmart clearance area for 1dollar

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