CRIMSON DESERT Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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CRIMSON DESERT Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
© 2019 – Pearl Abyss

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  1. bboyg1 says

    Hmmm on ps4 really?

  2. Christian R. Resch says

    Does anybody know the name of the song? Is it epic music from a known composer or specifically made for the trailer?

  3. Cant wait for this game! Jon Snow, I'm coming for you! XD

  4. CuredCancer says

    Literally the fuccin John Snow sequel we all needed.

  5. LR266 says

    Godzilla roar at 2:31 lol

  6. Itsmesanta says


  7. David Hennebach says

    Looks amazing! I'm hyped. Hopefully, it won't be P2W

  8. Ahmed Galal says

    I expect that it will continue the process Black Desert game more real (where there is a wider life than the Black Desert) despite the presence of monsters as we see in the movies
    sorry for English

  9. Matias Costa says

    Its like a prequel of Black Desert, you can see how they are building up Trent :O

  10. ike says

    Haven't seen worse lipsync in forever

  11. Fro Blade says

    John Snow what are you doing here ?

  12. Matias Rossi says

    The king in the north! The king in the north! The king in the north! The king in the north! The king in the north!!!

  13. Shinstrikex says

    So… Black desert but with content(hopeful)? Cool, the game we shouldve got to begin with

  14. Reginald says

    Thought this was a Black Desert expansion, looks like the same graphics engine.

  15. Jason Moreno says

    That giant snake at 2:31 sounded like Godzilla or is it just me

  16. Oleg Sokolov says

    OMG, what the fuckin EPIC ? 0_0

  17. Mustafa Bashar says

    Looks like talion from shadow games
    With kindom come deliverance mechanics and game of thrones world mixed with witcher 3 vibes

  18. Morgana ! says

    looks amazing, I hope it’s an action adventure game

  19. Quantaltro says

    Ok, I'm hyped as hell!!!!

  20. Hank Uleur says


  21. PIKACHU PIKA says

    Plz no mmo Plz no mmo Plz no mmo Plz no mmo Plz no mmo Plz no mmo Plz no mmo Plz no mmo Plz no mmo

  22. Nick Mac says

    Game of thrones and Witcher vibes!! Sold O_o

  23. PritomPaulYT Gaming says

    Nice 😍😍

  24. Abdellah Oulaliahine says


  25. Cody Ever says

    I never thought TW3 would have a rival guess I was wrong.. While waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 and Project Awakening release after 10 years that's my no. 1 spot! Looks VERY promising and it's from the legendary BDO dev. that's enough for me!!!

  26. Никита Бородин says

    So, where is the gameplay? What is it? Turn-based RPG? Action-adventure?

  27. alwaysalone soki says

    This is amazing!

  28. Darkhound1116 says

    Ok why hasn't this blown up yet. Am I the only one who thinks this looks amazing. I am fking intrigued by this trailer. Will be keeping a close watch

  29. Roman Foster says

    The Starks before they were Starks. Is this the GoT prequel we've been waiting for?

  30. Miti Laha says

    It looks like The Witcher. But RD 2 Graphics.

  31. Shisha CEO says

    Let me guess. Mmo

  32. Ablu pal says

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  33. Ablu pal says


  34. Ablu pal says

    I am the first to watch this video

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