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Play as SOLDIER operative Zack Fair and trigger the events that lead up to FINAL FANTASY VII. Engage in fast-paced real-time action combat to uncover the dark secrets of Shinra’s experiments and the monsters they create.

CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION will be released on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam® on December 13th 2022.

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  1. bri c says

    One of my favourite final fantasy game ever….. the price of freedom 😢

  2. Toppy Rattanasomchok says

    When date is release final fantasy 7 ever crisis on android&IOS platform?

  3. 1Larxene1 says

    I wished for better quality …. The characters don't look like themselves …

  4. lowbudgetmic says

    Sonic D Zakc Voike. 😮

  5. xtra chrispy says

    Song name? 😯

  6. Sumi Masen says

    "Infinite in the mystery.."

  7. BraveHeartYT says

    I am so confused… I am about to. Play final fantasy remake on pc… Then I saw this crisis core… Which one should I play 1st

  8. KoiKoi says

    I still cant get used to the new Zack VA… it just sounds like he's just reading the script without being one with the character or something

  9. Michael Baker says

    What was the point of remaster if they don't use the new graphic upgrades. They should have remade it with ff7 remake graphic level to match with the whole story. Spent all the money on new systems for the same games to have a little bit better but same old look and feel. They took time for new voice actors and more they should have just remade it, no more remasters

  10. Turnt Up Productions says

    Woot super exciting 🙌

  11. Leon Edwards says

    Now they will know the Real Legend behind the Legend that is Cloud. Nice trailer forgot how awesome this game felt on release for psp.

  12. Lynk says

    Never played Crisis Core. CC takes place before 7 so do you see Tifa's back-story in the reactor and does it line up with 7 (like how cloud got his sword, show him being hired by avalanche) or does take place years before 7? Also what's with the roulette in the top left? Must say I'm curious and it does really look good.

  13. Nit3H8wk says

    I miss turn based final fantasy games 🙁

  14. GermanGDragon says

    This looks kinda bad same engine, same gameplay, quick cash with minimum effort.
    Quantity over quality everywhere in gaming and people still buying hope we have atleast 10 addons to buy or some weapons we can buy or colour's for chocobo's….just sayin the truh brah's keep mirin

  15. Aries Arcanum says

    Zack sounds so bad, but still looks so cool lol

  16. SilverSpades says

    They literally kept the Rick Gomez VA in the opening scene in this trailer. Listen closely lol

  17. Rat Reborn says

    Bro PLEASE at least add the option to switch to the old voices.

  18. Hannibal Rasberry says

    The VA for Zack is just not doing it for me.

  19. Harry Drake says

    Original Final Fantasy VII
    A cautionary tale of the dangers of rampant corporatism
    Modern Final Fantasy VII
    Soulless prequels, sequels, remake, gacha $$$$$

  20. Jaron Jones says

    NO FREAKING WAY! I thought this title was going to solely live on the PSP. I love this so much. I still think about the ending of this game.

  21. ohwoa says

    I’ve only ever played XV & VII R. And I violently fell in love with the story telling and the open world aspect of it. I know it’s not “true FF” since it’s gone past turn based rpg, but do you think this would be a good purchase? Or tie any loose ends to VII R ?

  22. Rayner Arias says

    Please do this work with Dissidia 012 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏽please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😲😲😩

  23. Shadowslash1 says

    One of the reasons I didn't like FFVII Remake is also one of the things I'm already wellin up over a little… That final scene (which the remake retconned, which gets rid of why Cloud thought he was Zack and made it make even less sense).

    Time to see the three way friendship, torn apart at the seams by one friend's secret. The sad tale of Angeal, Sephiroth,…. and Genesis.

  24. valefor1988 says

    Now, we will see Cissnei in a bikini in HD lol

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