Crone Wood – Trailer

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Newly matched couple Danny & Hailey decide to go camping together in the woods where they get completely lost after chasing a masked man who has been watching them. Searching for help they come across a house but once inside they soon realize this is the masked man’s house and after a terrifying game of hide and seek they escape back into the woods. They stumble upon three young women who offer to help them and take them back to their house. The house is run by Mother May-Eye, whose friendly smile betrays the truth of her intentions and that she is in fact the head of a coven. Danny soon realises that Hailey is also part of this coven. At dinner the coven drug and then rape Danny in a pagan ceremony. Danny is dragged to a ritual site where it becomes clear to him that he is to enter a union with Hailey and become the coven’s seed-giver. Danny makes a last ditch effort to escape, stabbing Hailey and running off into the woods whilst being pursued by the rest of the coven…..


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