Cuphead Physical Retail Edition Announcement Trailer – Xbox One

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The All-Cartoon Wondergame…on your shelf at last! It’s official: Cuphead is getting both a Physical Retail Edition and a deluxe Collector’s Edition for Xbox One, including The Delicious Last Course.

From gorgeous illustrated interior cover art and Cuphead Funnies cards, to a meticulously crafted posable marionette of Cuphead, each version has something to offer fans of this beloved animated adventure.

To celebrate, the team at Studio MDHR have created a delightful vintage short, “Sunken Treasures.” Watch as the intrepid Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice take a deep dive into the ocean blue in search of a mysterious treasure, and find something unexpected beneath the waves!


  1. Yuuki says

    I need cuphead in gamepass/xcloud

  2. CheTaPace says

    Yay, more ocean pollution!

  3. Spartan Q201 Dexter Brother says


  4. Tomi Viiltola says

    ☁Game Pass Cloud☁?

  5. Elonzo Arellano says

    Does it include DLC's too?

  6. Hunter Green says

    Am I missing something? Where's the disc? It's not shown, and it isn't listed here.

  7. Nick Reymond says

    🤩Take my money 🙏 I'll be buying for my Xbox

  8. Mafuli says

    nice but i dont have money to buy it…

  9. Outside the Qube says

    So it's the same game I already have? How do these companies get you goofies to buy the same thing over and over?

  10. Kali says

    I know it's playable on xbox series x, but they should've put it on the box to not confuse people

  11. El Indigeno says

    @Xbox Team. I see what you're doing, and I hear you loud and clear. I was trying to buy two games digitally, and guess what I hit with red words saying, " can't play this game on this console." 🧠🤯

  12. UndisputedNerd says

    Thank you please consider adding more digital only games like octopath traveler to your physical catalog.

  13. Jowurel says

    Finally!! Forever physical. Day one

  14. Jonero says

    Freakin' finally! Now do the same with Grounded please!

  15. StuBBs GAMING says

    I'm probably gonna get this for Christmas

  16. hvind alleroy says

    Такое говно выпускают на самом мощном консоли в мире спс майкрософт

  17. Batz130 says

    This game is tough as nails but well worth it. 👍🏾💯

  18. xSoporific says


  19. V says

    Finally, now I can get the game

  20. Vinicius Azevedo says

    That is amazing.

  21. Marcel Filz says

    Please in Europe too!

  22. TheKeithvidz says

    joy to the world – massively prefer disk.

  23. Alfredo Langarica says

    Physical copy of Nino Kuni, please Xbox 💚

  24. Rodrigo Verissimo says

    That propert phisical copy

  25. Secret Mullet Man says

    Should have been physical disc day 1

  26. Rob Carnage says

    I can't wait to play this on my series S.

  27. Cinema Trigger says

    Xbox should've brought this studio

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