Cyberpunk 2077: Limited Edition Xbox One X – Official Trailer

  1. Nicholas - says

    Take my $$$!

  2. Mitchell smith says

    wait the game doesnt come out till september but the console comes out june i dont get it does it not come with the game

  3. Gorgan Horn says


  4. Matti Caratti says

    If you buy a “next gen” console at launch you’re a sucker, I’d rather be the sucker to get a limited edition console that has gone through all it’s phases and patches AND will still have plenty of life left for games to come out.

  5. Build says

    Why is Xbox getting CP2077 themed console and not PS?

  6. NicoRezz 2 says

    pero quien se va a comprar la xbox one x ahora cuando ya sale la series x?

  7. blue says

    It’s a shame Xbox is wack…

  8. Bob Filchard says

    I honestly think that this is the best special edition Xbox One to launch

  9. Destrava Jogos says

    Please song name??

  10. Maykell Soca says

    Yo I need this consol

  11. Raul Calavera says

    Only word:


  12. Epic Gamer says

    I just got the controller not the console

  13. Capt Danvers says

    Hard pass on that console.

  14. Crazy Gamerzz says

    But cyberpunk yet to Release on sep.then

  15. FMFvideos says

    If I sent this crap in the cyberpunk casemod contest, it wouldn't even finish in the top 10.

  16. CyberSex says

    Not going to lie. That looks sick.
    Buuuuuuuut… I'm holding out for next gen.

  17. Dee-Jay M says

    Well since next gen being pushed back till 2021 might as well. An this game been pushed back till September.

  18. Marcello Imperiale says

    If it was a ps4, I’d buy it

  19. Christian Matta says

    How much can you get in store GameStop credit if you trade in your gears of war 4 Xbox one s?

  20. Mudai says

    Sexy af

  21. Emerson Mendoza says

    No for ps4 ??? Someone??

  22. sudo skate says

    Not going to lie I'm a huge CD projekt Red fan, I would love to have this

  23. Joshua Perez says

    JE VEUX!

  24. PopExpo says

    Haha all the comments below talking about "why buy this when series X is coming out". I'm rich. I'll be picking up this one and the series X. Stop being broke and go make some money. Lol.

  25. Mel says

    Buying this for a collectors item. Which is what it is intended for hence "Limited edition"….

  26. Shred gnarnia says

    Lol cash grab

  27. Toby Reinhardt says

    Zang! I want it…but I don’t!

  28. Noble one says

    Thanks but I spent 5500$ for this game to play it on my new pc

  29. transporter255 says

    Wait, so the game releases in June? Not September?

  30. Absent says

    I will end up buying it and just upgrade the PC instead. Eventually move to the Series X knowing Windows and Xbox purchases will be together.

  31. Kai Ulbricht says


  32. J Cuz says

    This looks pretty cool but the timing is odd with SX coming. They should release these as skins you can apply to the console. Not as fancy but I can't see this SKU selling much.

  33. Asher Yunan says

    So this should just cost 300 since the x got an official price drop right? Easy grab if so

  34. Larry Version 3 says

    Ah yes. A limited edition outdated console that I can shelve in a year’s time. I’ll take 4

  35. steve walton says

    Wow pretty cool

  36. SMmania123 says

    At this point, they should be more focused on Xbox Series X optimization, and may be a limited edition version of that. Because I would 100% buy that but who in there right mind is planning to buy an Xbox One X at this point, the Xbox Series X is gonna to be more powerful then the majority of Gaming PC's out right now, a feat now even the world's current most powerful console (Xbox One X) couldn't accomplish.

  37. RightSnake says

    Thumbs up, really well done but I confused s others why dont make the XSX like that, I would definitely grab it. But since I already own XONES and waiting for XSX I wont spend money on this one.

  38. Dm Dkm says

    Still they downgrade the graphics

  39. Davila Jose says

    What's the music?

  40. Gladiator Spear says

    Umm is this for the new generation console??? I don’t want the old Xbox one console

  41. Dawdo says

    Please create that for ps4 or ps5

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