D-Day: Dog Company – Trailer

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Against the backdrop of D-Day, a team of army rangers must scale the treacherous cliffs of Point du Hoc to destroy cannons seized by Nazis planning to fire on American soldiers. But when the boats taking the rangers to the cliffs are attacked, it sets off a chain reaction that leaves the Rangers battling German soldiers for days.


  1. Ron Wylie says

    Ha ha ha, another Asylum masterpiece

  2. max mcgloin says

    That looks awful.

  3. WW2TV says

    What a piece of crap. Don't these people appoint a Historical Advisor? No helmet shells, wrong uniforms, weapons, landing craft and ships. The location shooting looks NOTHING like Pointe du Hoc . I'm all for supporting independent film-making but this film just insults the memory of the men of 2nd Battalion US Rangers. For the record, I am available next time as an advisor

  4. Cristian Chelaru says

    the sound is so bad and the dialogue is like from hundreds of movies

  5. OneFitnessGirl says

    OMG what a load of shit.
    US soldiers running around standing straight up, while the dimwit Germans are sitting on crates playing cards….

    Terrible looking CGI too.

  6. Ray Stev says

    its online on hd … not watched yet … so i cant tell … but one of you want to watch … check https://www11.movieonline.tv/movies/d-day-dog-company.html

  7. Bowtie1972 says

    why…oh why…do they always hire weekend warriors that all have their own sort of uniform, composed from whatever the army dump could supply them with and theyh look like a bunch of mercenaries in each of these cheap ass movies. A captain that is way too fat to be an officer with the Rangers…not shaved before action…lots of moustaches…..no real military style movement and action…waste of money. They just seem to have taped one of their themed weekends with the boys

  8. Ty West says

    I just forced myself to watch this "movie". I have seen porn with better acting/casting.

  9. Dat Meme says


  10. Gmoneyman says

    What a masterpiece

    Of shit, my little brother can draw better than this

  11. Zaidi Hyundie says


  12. blackzed says

    Shit movie probably made for 10 dollars.

  13. kenny says

    just wasted some of my free time to watch this while on a break, and fucking hell, what i actually saw was horrible, the inaccuracies i saw astounded me, that someone would make a movie about something as important as the D-Day landings and fuck it up so badly as they did in this movie is just baffling.

    ships moving while firing to provide shore bombardment?
    explosions set OUTSIDE a bunker explode and tear the entire inside?
    german troops just sitting outside their bunkers on the beach DURING the landing doing nothing?
    Modern superstructure on what looks to be cruisers?
    germans having BF-109s in the air during the landings in such strength that they could strafe troops in-land without any allied air power trying to stop them?

    these are just some of the major faults from THE TRAILER!.

  14. Thomas Gray says

    Class lol

  15. Eric Janvier says

    Y'all couldn't digitally remove that palm tree at 1:01 or are we to believe there are palm trees in Northern France?

  16. billy billybob-thoughtpants says

    I'm smelling Oscar…looks pretty pretty pretty good….dare I say a masterpiece, D-DDC …… Could be the acting grades of the cast, pretty pretty pretty good.

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