DARKSIDERS GENESIS Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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DARKSIDERS GENESIS Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Switch / Stadia
© 2019 – THQ Nordic

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  1. Christopher Hamilton says

    The game was way over hyped in the trailer and the trailer was way better then the game the game is a disappointment

  2. king ECSTAZY says

    Why couldn’t they have just made a coop game like the other 3 😤

  3. Gato says

    lol ???

  4. Oliver Scorpion82 says

    I Love IT and Love the funny Strife sayin Like Boom! Headshot Baby! 😍

  5. Devin Sears says

    I don't want a top down shooter; just plain third person shooter

  6. Çağdaş says

    Relax guys… This is not "Darksiders 4" This is an entirely different game…

  7. Karin Blum says

    please be a spin off…

  8. Xekos629 says

    Not sure why all the extreme hate for this. Honestly this looks pretty fun and I'd say its pretty safe to say that Darksiders 4 will be coming and this ain't it. 3 just came out last year. This is a great way for them to fill the gap between games so they can actually take their time on making it.

  9. Ben says

    It doesn't say darksiders 4 so I'm pretty sure(hopefully) that this is just a spin off game to introduce strife and broaden the franchise while they take their time on darksiders 4. Remember THQNORDIC keep the balance!

  10. Asish B says

    Guess,I will have to skip this one-reason is I already have played Diablo !!

  11. Massi Warezio says

    Sorry this isnt darksiders

  12. Abandoned OnDarkness says

    0:36 Cerberus ^_^ xD

  13. Skywolf says

    R.I.P. Darksiders 🙁

  14. DJ Roach Boarder says

    THQ Nordic just be makin anything

  15. WOLF JAVI says

    Como esa sea la cámara del juego…vaya cagada

  16. Maclenik says

    Зачем? Зачем????? Где та игра от третьего лица? Только не это = (

  17. William Reeves says


  18. VPG says

    I'm… Interested to say the least.

    This better not be a full retail title or I'll wait for sale.

  19. InsaneDarki says

    sooo…. no darksiders 4

  20. Clavitz Rain says

    You guys need to relax.

    Remember this is being made by Airship Studios, the ones who created Battle Chasers: Nightwar

    It's Gunfire Games that makes the main franchise which means after the final DLC is released for DS3, news of Darksiders 4 should be on the horizon.

  21. Louis Kelemen says


  22. Draco Safarius says

    I really hope this is the worst late April Fools joke in history

  23. MhD TJ says


  24. Rhyn Marchesano says

    Please let this be the last darksiders game this franchise is past its expiration date

  25. Milk Senpai says

    Trailer music's good tho

  26. Joshua Hanapin says

    Is it just me or is that character design in almost every game

  27. Brian Hennessy says

    Please don't say the only game Strife is gonna be playable in is a Twin Stick shooter?

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