DAYMARE 1998 "Hades" Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC Zombie Game

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DAYMARE 1998 “Hades” Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
© 2019 – Destructive Creations

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  1. Justin Acero says

    Will this have co-op

  2. Star Marshal says

    Game in description: ZombiU ????

  3. Sigma Geranimo says

    I consider it.

  4. Bluthammer says

    maor zombies and guns.. pl0x

  5. Duffy B says

    Hoping Agent Liev gets stuck in a Movie Theatre…

  6. Herren Valkoinen 1914/1521 says

    People, the game is inspired in the original re2; with my perception I predict this game don't become a call of duty or something else. The persons who watch the demo knowing the game is really good. One thing is inspiration, and other thing is plagiarism.

  7. Esteb Carrera says

    This game is actually starting to look better and better… I might even get it!

  8. Glue shoes says

    Hunk the video game

  9. Pilot 953 says

    RE 2 vibes

  10. AkiraTheGodEater says

    waiting for it hope it turns out good.

  11. Frederik the Wolfman says

    Who else thinks these guys are gonna get sued?

  12. Aiman ALSHARAFI says

    Promising. ….

  13. Zlion Hearth says

    I have followed this developer for years, I just wish you good luck 😀

  14. Matheus Salabert says

    Even the company logo was copied from umbrella hahahahhaha

  15. Cody Ever says

    Wow is this game still exists ? I thought I saw the 1st trailer a decade ago..

  16. Lord Draco says


  17. Salom902 says

    Hunk before he joined Umbrella.

  18. Canvai says

    guys if you need music for your gameplay, feel free to use mine 🙂

  19. Nihilist Misantrophe says

    Looks like a Clone but still nice

  20. Mr. RoBeing says

    Resident Evil 2.5

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