DAYS GONE – 95 Minutes of Gameplay PS4 (2019) Zombie Game

  1. Jayme Boy says

    I'm getting the game this weekend.👌

  2. Sulo Oksman says

    Im gonna buy a new game today but I don’t know what, is this game good enough to buy?

  3. Alex ino says

    Really sad game 😔😔😔😔😔😔 i like its

  4. Rece Mottashed says

    Yes, let’s throw a Molotov at a zombie or two. Not a horde of them tho, that would be stupid

  5. João Henrique Paupério says

    Isto é que é

  6. marsHm311oW says

    20:28 Why stealth mode exist if you have no stealth kill?

  7. Tyr says

    Iteration #189432892394 of a zombie game. Making yet another zombie game is a lack of ideas and imagination. Was hoping this to be biker game… meh

  8. stone cold says

    Oh this is coming on PS plus free for the month today,think I might get it

  9. Khan Jones says

    3rd person farcry5 then

  10. herve leger says

    Un des meilleurs jeu sur PS4

  11. Mike Mann says

    Ohhhhh he ment Suzuki Chun pow now I get it

  12. Mike Mann says

    Yamamoto egg roll roger roger

  13. A.S. Petkov says

    This is available for ps4 only?

  14. candy deebe says



    This game looks incredible but developers sure know how to ruin masterpieces like this these days by putting characters permanently on the left of the screen which disorientates me sometimes, is it possible to move the camera so the character is in the middle of the screen all the time?

  16. JTB says

    14:57 😆

  17. David Jatt says

    I've only just got this, it's not bad. Pls tell me someone that it's a completely open world game and you're not restricted to each area you uncover. It's fucking annoying and shit if this is the case.

  18. Bukodi András says

    30 or 60fps?

  19. Feargaming Yt says

    I have the last of us remasterd

  20. دراغون DRAGON says


  21. yes says

    Idk if I wanna buy this, do you guys actually enjoy the game, or does it get boring after 2 days?

  22. Simon Debbarma says


  23. Dedif Rrata says

    lol 46:48 must have unlocked his Bat attachment for his pistol. 10/10
    2:08 that dead drop animation Lol
    Zombi children, no more censorship.

  24. Kyle 1 says

    That brace voice is too much

  25. Francisco Atencio says

    16:38 does he sleep with all that on his back still?
    03:34 看得我着急 啥 j8水平
    just get off the damn controller and let me do it.
    It's like a mix of uncharted, the last of us and mad max

  26. Raul Begeal says

    This game looks really good. Gunna use this to hold me over until The last of us 2 comes out XD
    03:34 看得我着急 啥 j8水平
    just get off the damn controller and let me do it.

  27. Tammy J. Eslinger says

    Zombi children, no more censorship.
    "Just a couple of zombies, no problem"
    15:27 "Crap"
    How many ads can you fit into a 1hr30min vid

    Play4games: YES!

  28. kev he says


  29. Mykstro Jordan says

    Wat if this game had an online mode similar to grad AWESOME 🔥🔥🔥🤟🤟🤟

  30. Prime Pl says

    PRO ? Slim ?

  31. georg georgiev says

    The Stinger is the worst gun in the whole game!!!

  32. Jacob says

    The entire time I'm watching this like

  33. PB 46 WALE says

    My favourite game

  34. Crim Rui says

    We will get realistic graphics but normal movement, never. Is anyone annoyed that you instantly switch weapons?

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