Days Gone – Story Trailer | PS4

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Discover the story that awaits in Days Gone.

Available April 26th, 2019

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Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language


  1. Rizki Azkia says

    I like is the game days gone

  2. Lucas Lewis says

    Met the creator really great guy

  3. Ghost Waffel says

    Pls we need days gone 2 now ; )

  4. jacques Rassier says

    Caraiii… não consigo parar de jogar…socorro!!!

  5. Xx_The__Nitro_xX says

    Can BendStudios add som gory physics for Days Gone

  6. Dan The Man says

    I hope this game is awesome like and subscribe if you agree ?

  7. ThisCreatedAccount says

    Please make a Days Gone 2. THERE IS SOOOOO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nicholas Alvarado says

    deek kinda looks like John Marston from rdr 0:05

  9. GamerUndefined XP says

    <[Finds wallet]>

  10. SuperMadman48 says

    Finished this game and loved it great story and gameplay! ?

  11. Mario Ramos says

    Bikes, zombies and club 1%er no need more

  12. nick_shurv 05 says

    Sub to pewdiepie
    Click the like butto if u have

  13. Lapis Lazuli says

    Sony PS 4 exclusive games keeps knocking it out of the ball park! This game is just pure awesome and fun…

  14. something to say!!! says

    thank you wonderful game and yes 100 percent completion done!!!

  15. davidjordan3165 says

    i hope this wins game of the year. if not. its rigged

  16. Emanuele Mancino says

    Deacon st John vs Daryl Dixon, who will win?

  17. Nvlpx says

    I never subbed to PlayStation?


    Does this game remind anybody of Stephen King's The Stand ??

  19. JP says

    Days Gone is a must play.

  20. anshelo borja says

    I really love this game 10/10.

  21. Ebaad Adil says

    I finished this game…. It's a masterpiece… I highly recommend it

  22. sassy the sasquatch says

    1:06 I thought it was deacon

  23. dennis a says

    And another great singleplayer game by sony

  24. Sahil Naidu says

    Another day , another game

  25. jimmy the rogue says

    It's so refreshing to see a game trailer where everything that happens in the trailer happens in the game.

  26. Corbie 2525 says

    Ps4 only ?

  27. Gannicus says

    Beautiful game!! I love it..

  28. ThisCreatedAccount says


  29. Mike Margraff says

    Most people whom purchased this game, devoured it in terms of playing it, my PlayStation friends did anyway.

  30. jacob baker says

    Is world war z like the Disney version??

  31. surge m says

    The last dope zombie game was "The last of us " .. this one looks double the excitement

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