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Chernarus has once been a popular tourist destination. Now it’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland struck by an unknown epidemic – and you’re one of the survivors immune to the virus, desperately trying to make it through another day.!/cid=UP2739-CUSA15510_00-DAYZ000000000001

Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence


  1. Enize CA says

    I expect an enormous downgrade

  2. Mr. Alucard says

    Is it free?

  3. Godgotron says

    Make IT go PSVR pls and you Will be Legendary again.
    Everyone would get back into it.
    I'll play with my headset even if it's not converted for VR…

  4. Valcor says

    I regret paying $20 for dayz anyone who buys Dayz in 2019 dor $50 is legit braindead.

  5. Valcor says

    Is this a joke ? There about 5 years too late for the release of this game.

  6. skoopity woop says

    Oh boy if you think that the game will be the same as the trailer you are in for a suprise

  7. Kourgan says

    Looks horrible.

  8. Meada says

    Should’ve made it the free game of the month

  9. Meada says

    5 years to late

  10. stewart steele says

    What ever you do don’t eat a human you will get brain disease and die

  11. Communist Fluttershy says

    Was 30 bucks on Xbox just alittle more then half year ago.

  12. SnIPzOo Jeko says

    I want ask a question you are kidding I want to play this game for a long time I can’t believe it

  13. Checkems says

    Luck me

  14. Echo Rockmore says

    I’m getting annoyed w/ these zombies game bro. They keep recycling the same exact stuff. World War Z + Days Gone = DayZ

  15. Tweaked818 says

    What h1z1 couldve done

  16. NINJA's Depression says

    Why does it look like something from 2012?
    Oh thats right, because it is!

  17. Dylan Kosher says

    “Take captives. Restrain and force feed people.”

    Yeah, that sounds like a game I want to play


  18. dannyd464 says

    I'll wait for a sell.

  19. Jerry Gelder says

    Oh hum. Should be free considering how long it's been in development.

  20. I_am_a_Rook_main says

    This game should be free to play or at least a ps plus exclusive because this does not look like its worth the $50

  21. MattyDarko15 says

    A 2013 game for $50? nah lol

  22. Anfernee Walker says

    Wrap it up

  23. Big Boss says

    Oh noooo I've been transported to the past!

  24. ghost hunter says

    Don't know if I should get this

  25. Chuyito says


  26. Jorge Llanos Morales says

    SCUM les gano giles qliaos

  27. Defolt says


  28. Lucas Ledesma says

    People from 2013 called, they want their graphics back.

  29. Justin Pearson says

    Welp… that's one way to announce PlayStation will implement a new Early Access tab in the store.

    Another 10 years in beta ?

  30. Silent Scopez says

    Trust me the game is not even close to $50 worth you spend 20 hours looking for 1 thing to get 1 tapped to zombies

  31. Aziz N says

    Its not worth the money it expensive and has a poor animation.

  32. Nick Andonian says

    A zombie h1z1 lookin a$$

  33. Anzû Music says

    24.99 usd on pc

  34. dfgsdfsdfsdg sfsdfsdf says

    'when you die, you die'
    -Dayz 2019

  35. david lehan says

    This game gets a 2 out of ten says worse game ever on ps4

  36. Creeper Construction says

    I know it’s dead but nothing will stop me from playing atleast once all those years watching frankieonpc and countless others I’ve always wanted to give it a try nothing will stop me!!!!
    Except for my dad

  37. Batman says

    I hope little companies like this one read comments for feedback and realize it would be better to cancel everything involving this and save their time and money.

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