DAYZ LIVONIA New Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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DAYZ LIVONIA New Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
© 2019 – Bohemia Interactive Studio

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  1. Joel Champ says

    Good map

  2. Zylice Liddell says

    DayZ ‘Come With Me Now’

  3. David Herron says

    fuck you day z we paid for the game already and i can make maps my self

  4. P33b4Ugo5omwh3r3 says

    So just another shitty DLC for a already shitty game that is a forever beta and no progress, since 2010 in development and never will be finished just milked to death. Made for masochistic idiots who don't know any better.

  5. qwee wwq says

    Dont buy this scam, they even not finish 1st one !!!!

  6. Postposterous says

    Ok – time to up my game. Usually, making me laugh is MY job. ha!

  7. The GodSlayer66 says

    PS3 game ….

  8. Market Pillagers says

    You kids and your and your silly technology. Sure this game could be better, but for what it is, I've yet to see anything like it. It's fun, it's intense, you're adrenaline will pump and you may rage and break your console 😂 elements a a good game.

  9. Ian says

    So many people talk shit on this game that haven't ever played it. There's a thriving community on console. I enjoy the hell outta this game.

  10. Joshua Jones says

    "Folks, this time we came guns blazing with something TRULY revolutionary this time around. It's (drum roll, hold it, long pause, wait for it, hold, hold, hold, hold, not yet, ok BUHDUMTSSSSS) A muthafuckin BEAR, YO. 🐻 Fuck yeah, amirite? Guys? Where's everyone going? You don't like bears? Shit."

  11. MagicalMonkey says

    You know it says for PS4. What about Xbox? (Nobody trash on me I love PS4 too)

  12. The ReckfuL says

    It's not even out yet what do you mean 😭

  13. AetherHorizon says

    Is this scam still running? At this rate even scam citizen will finish before dayz does. And where the fuck are the zombies? Textures and overall map design look 2013-ish

  14. Solid Snake says

    Soooooo…. Ps4 only?

  15. MrMovieLover says

    Nice i love this game anyone wanna play drop there ps4 name's no kid's im sick of kid's playing game's that i love

  16. Delivius says


  17. Colin Campbell says

    This game came wayyy too fucking late lmao

  18. Mr DEVIL42 Gaming says

    Lol trailer here but no DLC yet

  19. Mitch says

    Ha this game is well and truly done. About four years too late

  20. Muhammad Ali Channa Wwe Fan says


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