DEAD BY DAYLIGHT "Scream" Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT “Scream” Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : May 31st 2019
© 2019 – Starbreeze Studios

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  1. Daniel Newman says

    Mommy why did ghost face leave the murder weapon?, idk honey just finish your Gen.

  2. REMI says


  3. Connor Cahill says

    Well at least he paid for it

  4. Finn Bauknecht says

    I hope our new survivor is not a cat store clerk

  5. Alper Yılmaz says

    Do anyone know which song in the end?

  6. James Winters says

    Can’t find matches anymore…..

  7. Sub 2 Pewds says

    I like how you milked the living hell out of the titel

  8. BERTOBURRITO :/ says

    Sadly enough they couldn't get the rights to the original design of ghostface, but had to settle with mask and gothic style clothing…….don't get me wrong I like this style to but it would have been the icing on the cake if they got the original costume.

  9. Clarke Steinman says

    So glad they’re getting my favorite killer (growing up in the 90’s).

    Interesting observation: at the end, it says the rights they got are for the people that made the costume, not the movies…Which explains why the new level is a store rather than the iconic Woodsboro (neighborhood, school, university, etc…). I doubt we’ll also see a Sydney character or anything. Kind of a shame but am glad we’re getting something.

  10. f.m. 03 says

    when ghostface comes out on Dead by daylight????

  11. Nvr Slp says

    Poor Sam

  12. Hippic says

    Just take my money!!!!

  13. Nathaniel Gilliam says


  14. Brody Miller says

    Legion 2

  15. GODs PARTICLE says

    Dam son wasnt expecting that

  16. Klaatu M. says

    I love the new look!

  17. lex jr says

    Im gonna slash and gash, rip another hole in your ass. 
    I'll smear blood on the walls and then play tennis with your balls, and if the phone rings dont answer the caLL. Im gonna slit yo throught, fuk u like a goat
    i'LL rip yo fore skin off and make a winter coat. PEACE!

  18. Brandon D1 says

    You forgot to put Switch on the title.

  19. IMMI says

    Ok that was cool

  20. M0π 17 Rai says

    John wick should come next
    As the killer
    His body count exceeds every other Slasher here

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