Dead Island 2 Official Reveal Trailer | gamescom ONL 2022

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The long awaited and thought to be dead sequel has risen from the grave. After a decade, Dead Island is back with an all-new trailer. The cinematic trailer gives a glimpse into the game’s attitude and its charismatic and cool protagonist. The game is expected to release February 3, 2023.

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  1. socialanxiety says

    1:05 is that the place from the first trailer?

  2. Juice26us us says

    How come PC players cannot get the steelbook and goodies?

  3. FLaPjAcKn7 says

    till death do us part

  4. LemZ : says

    So hyped remember being like 7 or sum lol loved this game cause I had older brothers such a time it was to play games compared to now imo

  5. Top Shotgun Maverick says

    Looks like you got some big boy 2:34

  6. INDaryuS says

    genuinely think this game is gonna be better than dying light 2

  7. USMC Young Gun says

    Dude Looks like Lenny Kravitz

  8. Spree Dog says

    Wit the song being played and the style of the house . Looks like CALI

  9. Mario Cervantez says

    I like the beginning of the video when it says "likely mature" and then see the rest of the video and I'm like "yeah definitely 18+"

  10. Mario Cervantez says

    I bet the final boss will be the characters from the last game

  11. John Dough says

    It’s about FKING TIME lol

  12. LunarLightASMR says

    At long last…

  13. Luis says

    Si el juego no va a ser mundo abierto va ser decepcionante y no lo voy comprar

  14. Negan Smith says

    For anyone asking why nobody seems to be bothered by the apocalypse it's cause its LA everyone acts like a zombie there without any viruses about.
    Edit: it's just an average Monday for em.

  15. M1k3y 04 says

    Cant wait for the next trailer in another 8 years

  16. Connor Simpson says

    Far cry zombies

  17. Brendan says

    Hey dead island 2 developers old players and me know the system early weapons break and leveling to a higher level gives better weapons that can be repaired it was my teenage years and I know y’all are reintroducing or explaining how that works so is that returning work benches so people know they could repair weapons in the dead island games but there are unbreakable weapons that can’t be repaired?

  18. Arqaurius says

    The Trailer looks amazing.


    They should have taken back the Island from zombies by next week if all those survivors were cleaning up the z on daily basis

  20. Kim Jong - Bean says

    Take y'all time there's no rush

  21. Đỗ Đạt Nguyễn says

    1:19 Read my name for the best call of duty mod

  22. Squanchy bro says

    The Mosin

  23. xX-Delirium-Xx says

    reminds me of zombieland lol

  24. Heskimo says

    The game had me with Hollywood swinging from the start 👍

  25. Sus Fring Gaming says

    It's crazy how I was 11 when thr first trailer came out. Even though I'm 19 and don't have much time for gaming anymore I'm still excited. The first game and riptide was a blast

  26. Carter Nick says

    Only 8 years late

  27. Josh .Laidler says

    Wow this looks incredible… see y'all in 8 years for the next trailer 👋

  28. Marek Košík says

    I remember, when I played Dead Island 1/Riptide on my potato laptop. This game had the best graphic, too much fun, driving vehicle.. Game release is on April right now, I hope, they will make insane game, and it will better than Dying Light 2.

  29. serena180 says

    And riptide is 2 this is three

  30. serena180 says

    Boooo say no to make protag no more sexcism against women booo

  31. Taguuuu says

    I wish Dead Island would just be a social simulator with Zombies in it

  32. Kagazawa KoH says

    Otros 5 años de desarrollo y queda

  33. I am Soldier, maggot says

    1:38 bro just wanted help to get meds

  34. Felix Gomez says

    Average Ohio citizen:

  35. TheBuisnessPyro says

    cant wait for goat simulator 5 to parody this trailer

  36. Landen Carter says

    I’m so excited for this I already pre ordered it I can’t wait the map looks so big in the graphics looks so amazing

  37. Danielplayzz says

    Me wondering if he got his batteries

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