Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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The hunt is on, Zach! Step into the role of paranormal detective Francis York Morgan and track down a supernatural serial killer in Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, available now, only on the Nintendo Switch system.

Available now:

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  1. Alex Knight says

    Did they use voice actors or AI to voice the characters?

  2. NelsonianB says

    This looks like it came out on the gamecube…

  3. JayEmma says

    Why does this look like a PlayStation 1 game? Come on Nintendo

  4. jase276 says

    This franchise truly was, a blessing in disguise.

  5. Tonya Sager says

    The graphics look JUST PLAIN TERRIBLE

  6. okoshawott says

    better than arms

  7. Jacob Godwin says

    Yeah I'll pass on this one.

  8. Morp Galaxy says

    Looks just as silly and confusing as the first game.

  9. SaNgJuN86 says

    0:25, 0:48
    I didn't realize they were already subtly showcasing OLED Switch a year ago.

  10. Byungsuk Kim says

    Oh damn, even the trailer has bad frame rate

  11. 666 comments and 666 dislikes uh oh 👹

  12. alex baker says

    Do you know if the York's line " Okay Zach it's to put our skills to the test" is in the game?

  13. Majorpeepo says

    What a amazing trailer lol

  14. The TokuTickler says

    "Our world contains phenomena that could never be explained with logic."
    If you know this game, then you know this quote is accurate in more ways than one.

  15. erak says

    Deadly Premonition 2: Skateboarding in a business suit

  16. serjazz says

    I hope it plays as bad as it looks.

  17. The Devious Menace says

    ㄒ卄🝗 ᗪ🝗ᐯ讠ㄖㄩ丂 爪🝗𝓝闩⼕🝗 山闩丂 廾🝗尺🝗…

  18. Eggs Benedict says


  19. UPSwithWINGS says

    The picture quality was so bad lol But I still played the whole game. I just loved the dialouge and the unique characters in the world. I never played the first game but I can see how this series is a cult classic im gonna buy the first game too.

  20. Justin Baker says


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