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First announced at E3 2016, Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding” has tantalized us for three years with the most enigmatic trailers ever. The fact it’s the “Metal Gear” creator’s first game after leaving Konami has brought anticipation to a fever pitch. Babies, beached whales, Norman Reedus naked . . . how do they all fit together?!

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  1. MojoPlays says

    Correction guys, May 29th!

  2. Félix. says

    holy shit its that guy from the walking dead

  3. James Repstock says

    I’m surprised no one theorized this yet but the gold hands are may be a phenomenon that occurs from the flooding, whether or not the villain has caused it directly. Why?
    The gold masks had to come from somewhere, right? These gold flowers are being mined by the villainous group! They learned that wading through the water and mining the gold can make them powerful. They’re extremists. No one else would think to go INTO the water, everyone wants to avoid it.
    I think one reoccurring theme is human spirit and ingenuity. We can absolute hate this group- but they did what no one else dared. They mined the gold and learned they can now control the Beached Things.
    I had first thought this game was about true evil but actually it is simply a story about humanity versus lack of humanity. The other side is being called, maybe in an unnatural way. Basically humans are destroying one another- what else is new?

  4. Handsome Sex God says

    To all my fellow Kojima fans who are incels. Read the book Higher Status by Jason Capital

    Don't thank me later. Thank me now

  5. Hood Rich says

    For a person that's been following this game from day 1 and all it's analysis videos I'd say this is the best one yet of the new footage. ??

  6. Johnny Moore says

    The thumbnail picture show's a whale cloud with a circle around it. It wasn't mentioned at all in the video.

  7. GMdelsXT9 says

    That ending tho!!!

  8. fancydeeldo fafa says

    lmao this shit looks TRASH

  9. Siddharth Patel says

    Is Kojima better off without Konami?


    Is Kojima better off with Sony?


  10. IA Retro Gamer Dad says

    I think it looks amazing.

  11. Michael Casco says

    May 29th.. wow

  12. The batman who laughs says

    How can you explain drugs?

  13. shahrukh uddin says

    You call it break down ?

  14. Lego Fan says

    Will this game be T or M17+?

  15. RavinFox says

    There's another 20 seconds of extra gameplay and scenes in the Japanese trailer 😀

  16. HenesseyHD says

    When the trailer is longer than the breakdown ???

  17. Bennji Bertie says

    I feel like I'm the only person that thinks this doesn't look very good…

  18. Ivor Novotny says

    Shee the shun shet…..

  19. Wayne Bri says

    Chernobyl vibes. Sack!

  20. Vinco Galzu Tzu says

    Great analysis/&dissection??

  21. Bluestar43 95 says

    Kojima to konami: miss me yet

  22. Clayton Shannon says

    Homodemens? So me on a Friday night ??

  23. Paraguai123 says

    I said it once and I'll say it again: MojoPlays is such an underrated channel and needs more love! Great video essays and top lists that are legit fun to listen to. Ashley and Tobb (And I miss Dan) are my favorites, but everyone else does a great job.

  24. Callum hemmings says

    I was worried about Gameplay until i sae the WW1 gameplay

  25. Ismael Negron says

    Did he say the 9 and half trailer that released in March 29th, I thought it came out yesterday may 29th.

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