Death Stranding – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. prohelling says

    Your name was Snake because you were sneaking. Now that you're connecting, you got to be a "Bridge"

  2. crazytimmeh619 says

    I’m getting flashbacks of MGS3 ladder scene

  3. NoiR says

    Original and thoughtful comments : 0 likes
    'Yes' related comments : 100+ likes boi

  4. Jonathan Robinson says

    Hey oji-sans back. Err body back up, calm down and get ready again.

  5. infiniteinmystery35 says

    all the time im watching this the music reminds me of the guy playing the violin at the bathroom with a sink, i dont know why.

  6. Lt. Surok says

    Kojima is a force to be reckoned with.

  7. Prędki produkcje says

    Finally! Some extra-realistic DHL courier simulator.

  8. InfoIndigestion says

    this song better be playing during the entire game or I want my money back!

  9. Vangel Horn says

    6:15 bruuuuh

  10. Brendan Young says

    3:11 now you’re playing Madden extreme

  11. trent williams says

    Can we take a second to appreciate how kojima is putting Guillermo del toro in the game despite del toro feeling afraid that every game he's in is cursed to fail?

    Don't worry chubby boii,me and my wallet will support this project specially for you… We gotchu bro ♥️

    Ps:no,even after this idk what the game is about yet beyond norman reedus and the funky feetus

  12. teguh pandirian says

    The setting probably in post apocalyptic future, bridge baby used for time travel to the past, the gameplay include something happens when our character died. The shadow figure and the rain probably the cause of apocalypse, home demens got the abilities from the event.

  13. Al says

    Mr Kojima-san, This is Pequodman, arriving shortly at LZ.

  14. bird_227 says

    8:29 heart bubble :]

  15. Horog Péter says

    sony: playable demo a few months from now on

    kojima: 8:07

  16. Horog Péter says

    people still complaining about what the game/play is about

    me: 7:27

  17. Lucas S. Fernandes says

    So… this is a modern version of Yoshi's Island, right?

  18. XXJaycamXX says

    Kojima never needed Konami, it was Konami that needed Kojima, and Death Stranding is proof of what they lost.

  19. Rodrigo GB says

    Já vou entrar no site do INSS e agendar minha aposentadoria! Preciso desse jogo!

  20. Azam M says


  21. Totally Not FBI says

    time to compile cut scenes and make a movie

  22. Not Janan says

    Click the description and you’ll find out why u came here

  23. Himanshu Sharma says

    Look like a Boring game

  24. Dr Three says

    Deadass I'm hearing "Edgenut city" 2:12

  25. バーバーズボン says

    3:31 I think he's also a talented conductor, how is it?

  26. ibro247 says

    When Hannibal is eating you alive and singing a lullaby to keep you from screaming.

  27. Todd Howard says


  28. Arif Livers says

    Sister Friede : Avert thine eyes
    Me : Not this time!

  29. AlphaBetaRudyInvestments says

    3:02 didn't know they were remaking Night Trap.

  30. Wanna Firt says


  31. Rahul Dabhi says

    Music is Heart of the Game

  32. Jordan says

    I dunno the point of dis game

  33. Raj Bhadra says

    Death stranding is trying to do to the gaming industry what Aladdin/Shrek did to animation industry.

  34. Gun says

    the walking dead

  35. Avneet Brar says

    "I'll show u the real thing soon"
    "I promise"
    "Whole wide world will be urs to explore, And u will be able to go wherever u want"
    "Even the moon"

    Thats clearly Hideo Kojima talking to us if am not mistaken.

  36. Дима Шевцов says

    kojima are genius

  37. Roque Vitantonio says

    9k dislike. All xbox one and nintendo users.

    Thank you Kojima for existing.

  38. Nanaya Bizniz says

    Metal Gear Survive 2

  39. Range viper Cobra says


  40. Abhinay Malasi says

    Probably the most intense ladder climbing ever.

  41. Yo-Fam says

    Dev team: where should we put the ladder?

    Kojima: Yes

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