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Winner of over 300+ “best of” awards, DEATHLOOP is available now on Xbox + Game Pass!

Today’s the day to break the timeloop and earn your freedom. You have 24 hours, 8 targets, and 1 rival assassin hunting you down. As Colt, the only chance for escape is to end the cycle by assassinating eight key targets before the day resets. Learn from each cycle, try new approaches, and do whatever it takes to break the timeloop. The island of Blackreef is waiting for you.

This trailer features the new original track “Déjà Vu (GOLDENLOOP Remix)” by Sencit feat. FJØRA.

Read more about DEATHLOOP coming to Xbox here:

If At First You Don’t Succeed… Die, Die Again.

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  1. Scotty Puppet says

    No give us ES6 Damnit

  2. Thomas Stewart says

    I am absolutely loving DEATHLOOP so much every aspect of it feels fantastic and smooth

  3. Nick Z says

    I am a fan of Arkane games, but the Xbox Game Pass lost me months and months ago. Why you ask? The releases are too few and far in between. More importantly I already own of have played everything that is worth a damn to me prior to Game Pass even existing. Not paying for a service which is 85% of games are 5 years old+, Indie, or side scrollers.

  4. Matthias Jakobs says

    Where the f… Is FSR 2.0???? Bethesda is trash. 1 year to optimize the game for xbox and this is what we get.

  5. Chris W says

    This game is excellent, throughly enjoying it 😀

  6. H J says

    Super neat game

  7. [~Sr fachero~] says

    Song name?

  8. lyerillydoh says

    Don't we have enough black on black gun violence these days?

  9. Hound says

    That twist got me and im still trying to assemble every piece gonna became a conspiracy theorist before I finish this game

  10. D&J Gaming says

    Back where it belongs ❤️ about time!!

  11. Riski Rills says

    Another team fortress clone?

  12. Marc F. says

    I hate the song…

  13. Dz Gaming says

    Xbox is FK trash

  14. soul elevation96 says

    Make the cloud version the series x one not series s

    Fooken 1080p 🤢

  15. Jonathan Melton says

    Is this game not on Xbox one? Can’t find it in gamepass

  16. timsimtv says

    1 year later… waited for game pass! Looking forward to trying this game out

  17. Tahsin Cesur says

    F this game, release TES VI

  18. Dave L says


  19. Neolight Draco says

    Will this be coming to xcloud

  20. Raven says

    It's coming on xbox one?

  21. Brice Young says

    Hire me Bethesda

  22. Joe Mama says

    Bethesda where the fuck is the new Skyrim

  23. Enigma Productions says

    Sony ponies big mad that this is coming to game pass 😆

  24. Harry the boss / gamer ! says

    Welcome back, Deathloop! We missed you.

  25. Harry the boss / gamer ! says

    Welcome back, Deathloop! We missed you.

  26. Piko says

    By the way I love The Elder Scrolls:Blades, please add more updates

  27. Piko says

    I would love, love, love it if you made games like oblivion and skyrim for mobile🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  28. 488billyk says

    I'm never giving Bethesda Softworks another cent! Two genders, male female.

  29. old 2020 person says

    Anyone know what the song is? It's some kind of remix

  30. Denis Markovic says

    love the song!

  31. B bone says

    Fuck deathloop give me Skyrim anniversary edition for switch. SMH also no one wants another ESO expansion give me scrolls six }:{

  32. Mr. Waffles says

    I have Deathloop on PS5 and it's fantastic, I'm glad so many more people will get to experience this game now that it's coming to Xbox. Anyone with Gamepass should definitely check it out, just make sure you get to the point where you can start saving gear between loops as that's where the main part of the game really begins.

  33. Bob Bucket says

    So fucking pumped. Dishonored is one of my favorite games ever made

  34. zak kehn says

    I can't play it on my Xbox One X so I guess this wait was all for nothing.

  35. Apridho Miranda says

    I want "Deja Vu japanese version" so bad

  36. jay son says

    Can I make my character white?

  37. wolf lord says

    Bioshock 4 looks great

  38. معتز كاضم علي says

    death loop in her home

  39. معتز كاضم علي says


  40. Toni Micovski says

    GAMEPASS baby 😉 i can finally try this game out

  41. Future hero says

    Next up: ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox series s/x

  42. Marco Campos says

    Dishonored 2.0

  43. FxLiquor feat OldSheikh says

    FSR 2.0 on Xbox????

  44. comedy goblin says

    Hey guys elder scrolls 6 khajiit character idea! J'zaari, a female khajiit, a suthay type of khajiit, a member of the dark brotherhood, born in the province of Cyrodiil, Bravil to be exact. Don't have much for the back story, also she specializes in illusion magic

  45. YouChwb says

    Not fussed…

  46. tevi blekhman says

    I want redfall and starfield .

  47. tevi blekhman says

    I’m gonna play it on Xbox

  48. TekoreiVR says

    Where can we hear the new remix of deja vu? Omg D:

  49. Pepprika says


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