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DIRT 5 writes a new chapter in the legacy of DiRT – bolder and braver than ever before. Travel the globe, tame the most incredible off-road machines with your friends, and be part of a vibe that delivers big on epic action, pure expression, and unbridled style.

Get your first taste of DIRT 5 in our announce trailer, all captured in-game, showcasing wheel-to-wheel action, stunning environments and a brand new take on amplified racing.

Track: ‘Time to Dance (Sebastian Remix)’ by The Shoes

Learn more: https://www.xbox.com/games/dirt-5


  1. Gman07 🇺🇸 says

    Mo powa baby

  2. positive vibe says

    Does it have replays patched in yet?

  3. Ali Khalil says

    You can download this full game from below link.


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  4. Sawer Mark Law says

    Really fun this game!! ✌️🎮🆙

  5. DeadMax Waflz says

    Oddly prefer dirt over forza

  6. Ferdous mahmud Hasib says

    but the trailer doesnt satisfy me.. It could have been better.

  7. FBI says

    Imagine dirt 2 with these graphics

  8. Parth Jhalani says

    It'll be free on PS Plus

  9. Yan Martin del Campo says

    I love that all these Xbox fanboys were like "Imagine how bad it's gonna look on the Ps5" & it ended up looking better. The irony

  10. Travis Gintz says

    Don't buy this game. Broken Fanatec wheel support, and inability or lack of effort in fixing it in multiple patches.

  11. Victor Borges says

    Having issues with rumble with series x and elite s2 on this game. Most of the time it doesn’t work at all.

    I’ve noticed people with the same issue on Codemaster’s forum since past november!

    I guess they don’t care about xbox users.

  12. discord gaming122 says

  13. discord gaming122 says

    so i love tho game

  14. h16ryx says

    best offroad racing game for xbox.

  15. Stock Car Fan 333 says

    Epic I already have this game

  16. Rosa Botta says

    Why not are and of switch?=(

  17. FBI says

    Dirt 2 will always be in our hearts

  18. Samuel Valdez says

    beautifull game

  19. Harry Prince says

    Looks like Forza Horizon!

  20. Alpana Jha says

    Dirt 5 2020

  21. Luca LucaLucaLuca8 says

    Outbreak infected in dirt 5 ??

  22. Lord Eliseu says


  23. Those were some cheeky donut stickers there

  24. Razvan 428 says

    Better than wrc8

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