Divine: Horror Web Series (2011-2012) – Official Trailer [HD]

DON’T MISS!! “Divine” is a super-intensive dark action/supernatural thriller web series – GO watch it right away at

Starring: Ben Hollingsworth (“The Joneses”, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, “Heartland”, “The Beautiful Life”), Dan Payne (“Smallville”, “Stargate”), Misha Collins (“ER”, “24”, “NCIS”, “CSI”, “Nip/Tuck”), Chasty Ballesteros (“Final Destination”), Allen Sawkins, John Emmet Tracy, Lisa Marie Caruk (“”Snakes on a Plane”, “Final Destination”), Haig Sutherland

Coping with his loss of faith, a young priest has his world turned upside-down when he witnesses the resurrection of an immortal being named Divine. Given sanctuary by the church, Divine leads a never-ending crusade to show lost souls they have the power to choose their destiny between good and evil. With guidance from the priest’s mentor and Divine’s street-smart sidekick, the Father must now confront his own demons and the dark forces that challenge Divine.
Telling you anymore would spoil the surprises that await you.

Who’s making “The Divine”?
“Divine” is a creation of Maple Blood Productions, a group of Vancouver-based filmmakers whose past credits include numerous major theatrical movies and television shows. We’re producers, directors, special effects technicians, stunt people, writers and actors that wanted to take on the challenge of creating a brand new idea and deliver it for a worldwide audience that’s online. Our team wants to push the envelope for what a web series can be, both in terms of quality of storytelling as well as in the concept of creating something that’s designed to thrive in an online format.



  1. little castiel says

    Wow misha is like a winchester

  2. Lauren Holderman says

    Want to see Sam Winchester in a horror movie? Check out the new House of Wax.

  3. Bill Payne says

    wow production quality is fricken awesome for a web series!

  4. MysteriousDark Ending says

    Alot of these horrors do not look really scary :/ can someone recommend me a actual horror film? doesn't matter what type it is, e.g. gore etc. I have seen so many now, none seem to match up :p

  5. Saruhh Anne says

    Dat Baby Doe…◉___◉

  6. L33T says

    Castiel, is this what you've been upto all this time.

  7. DntLookBehindU says

    Thats true in 85-90% of the movies, but there have been the occasional brunette or red head. But yeah, the world/horror producers seem to have something against Blondes. Maybe it spawns from the geeky highschool experience of not getting "that" chick. They couldn't tap that ass, so now they do worse – on TV ^_^

  8. LunakaWren says

    Is it bad that I was watching this like 'Wow, this actually looks kinda good, I wonder if it's out ye-MISHA!!!'

  9. Zouille Loose says

    I see Dan Payne again in one month! o/

  10. ScarletFBL says


  11. EY CABRON says

    0:42 … hahaha dead space 😀

  12. T says

    oh shit is castiel! 😀

  13. Charry Heart 42 says

    0:43 scared the shit out of me !!!

  14. Deborah Mullis says

    Alright, Ivan how come we never got to see the scene where the priest (Misha) went all red- eyed & demony? Is that a teaser? Cause you know, I'll watch it anyway.

  15. Mel Bg says

    when it'll be released? I wanna watch and seem that my torent tracker doesn't have it

  16. wordweaverrr says

    One thing that could keep me watching anything: Misha Collins. (:

  17. Bouncing Bunny says

    Horror movie use to be like that : a group of young adult , composed of a blond chick with her boy friend , ( or a red chick in some case ) a brown chick with her boy friend , and sometime another single dude are goin in vacation and die gradually and the lbond die in first times and brown chick is oftenly the last one or die in last .

  18. Vladimir Nikolic says

    Great bullshit… Poor story, poor dialogues, poor acting… -100! Wasted time to watch 2 episodes…

  19. monstermovieman says

    Looks awesome! of course i'm a fan of Supernatural so this looks right up my alley! Thanks for uploading!

  20. LoomSlave says

    thats lookin amazing…thanx Horrornymphs 4 showing me

  21. W. Joseph Puza says

    Great video. I am sure that the web series will be great!

  22. vickyp28 says

    yay for misha collins!!! i met him at a supernatural convention and he was AWESOME!!! and i got a kiss on the cheek 🙂

  23. awesomeguy411 says


  24. Metheny Theodore says

    Hey its Castieeel!

  25. mastacheef101yo says

    Um, is this sopposed to be scary?

  26. werewolfgirl1995 says

    Castiel is a Priest now?

  27. nikkimj19 says

    That was supposed to be a heart lol

  28. nikkimj19 says

    Castiel from supernatural 3

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