DRAGON BALL GAME PROJECT Z Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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DRAGON BALL GAME PROJECT Z Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : 2019
© 2019 – Bandai Namco

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  1. JennyLucy BooBoo says

    i wonder if this game will include Arcs From GT and Super Aswell

  2. Caped Baldy says

    Why does Goku sound like that

  3. Brandon Campbell says

    I hope this goes into dragon ball super and or GT

  4. pumpkinboy says

    im getting it defenetly

  5. pumpkinboy says

    im so excited

  6. Shadow World says

    Definitely getting it

  7. Fast Fizzi says

    I got bored of DB because of its over used story line

  8. Ninten says

    Now how come Xenoverse couldn't have a world like this? I want a fusion of Ultimate Tenkaichi and Xenoverse when it comes to character creation with actual voice lines with the graphics of Project Z

  9. Dustie Dodson says

    bring back the blood and everything anime about this game. For some reason it feels "too" pg for me. Budaki one not being the best game, represented how the anime felt the best. When telling stories this matters.

  10. docen67 says

    I’ll keep playing budakai tenkashi 3?

  11. JermContent says

    I wish these games would come up with their own stories

  12. LilMj28 says

    Until they make an updated version of a DBZ game that was like Budokai Tenkaichi 2 AND 3…I DON'T WANT IT!!!!

  13. Games Video says

    Where's the Switch?

  14. Skele wolf says

    i didnt watch the trailer but im hella hyped

  15. Zero Espada says

    So thats the name there sticking with

  16. Raven thy Wicked says

    Internet: give us a open world rpg of dbz
    Bandai: as you wish
    Internet: finds a reason to complain about what we've been waiting years for

  17. Alan G. Bandala says

    1:28 YA BASTA, FREEZER!.jpg

  18. BigDaddyNexus says

    Yay another dbz Game…..

  19. Atticus Rex says


    "He didn't invite me to his birthday party…"

  20. Jon Ford says

    Should of called Leagcy Of Goku Remastered

  21. D K says

    terrible >.< 3d adult goku with small open world and quickplay freezer killing. Why dont you take your time, 3 years and make a rich cel-shading son goku story game similar to zelda. Collecting sheeps at start, learning to fight etc.

  22. Hazilt Geohern says

    Oh my god EPIC!!!!

  23. Duh Dam says

    Legacy of goku

  24. Gorilla Art says

    We need some gameplay fam. I'm hoping since C2 is involved we'll get some crazy arena battle type situations. Also how far into the series will it go? Will Super or GT be in it?

  25. Frederik the Wolfman says

    So was this when Piccolo was a douche?

  26. enlightened fool says

    Why does this look like a down grade in terms of graphics (when comparing xenoverse and fighter z )

  27. Preston Light says


  28. SourJam says

    Show meeeeee gameeeplaayyy

  29. Daniel Aleixo says

    Its going to be terrible ????

  30. Nicuras says


  31. Solowing 777 says

    Just please… Don't be shitty. Lmao xD

  32. Nintendorak Yamato says

    No Switch version.?
    Even if it supports Unreal Engine 4.

    I’ll get first on PC

  33. Gokasky says


  34. EpicPwu™ says

    What..? No Switch?

  35. Ultra SSG says

    Bro what does Action rpg mean?

  36. ScarletImp2113 says

    My theory is that it'll be a sort of a blend of sidescrolling RPG and the usual fighting mechanism we know from the Dragonball games.

  37. lllJaywoodlll says

    The game looks like it’s gonna be lit ?

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