Dreamscaper – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Available now on Nintendo Switch! https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/dreamscaper-switch/

Dreamscaper is an endlessly replayable Action Roguelike with a waking/dreaming gameplay cycle. By night, delve deep into your subconscious, facing nightmares in an ever-changing world filled with unique items, abilities, and challenges. By day, explore the city of Redhaven, build relationships and unlock permanent upgrades in order to take on the next dream stronger than ever. DREAM. DIE. WAKE. REPEAT.

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  1. NEVERLAND Story says

    Raji vibes

  2. NEVERLAND Story says

    Love it

  3. 마징가 says

    한글화 해주세요~

  4. Hugo says

    Looks like a mobile game

  5. Jesse O. says

    Wow, this looks dope!

  6. fierce deity says

    Whoa! Looks clean af!

  7. Conor Moore says

    'face your nightmares!' …the character doesn't have a face

  8. David Lima games says

    joguei rpa pc. chatinho!

  9. Elemental Hero Neos says

    That look like a great game

  10. Dave Curtis says

    I hope they didn't pay money for someone to make this trailer

  11. 3to5andglassy says


  12. Louis Lam says


  13. Moon Baboon says


  14. John Marstall says

    I like everything I'm seeing except the Willow Tree figurine faces. I get that it's a choice, but…eyes would be okay?

  15. SmoothJin TV says

    The graphics on this games looks amazing

  16. Precious_Beann says

    The snap that never gives your money back nintendo switch hears the switch snap sounds Yep the sound of my bank account being drained.

  17. Just righteous says

    Hope this ain't over priced like every on nintendo. Heading to the eshop now

  18. darney catimbang says

    me scared at the characters with blank face not in the dreams…

  19. Raymond Foo says

    Don't worry, your mum will wake you up.

  20. Carlitos says

    Aye she look thicc doe…

  21. dave wheels says

    Looks actually pretty good.

    A lot better than that "Ultra Age" garbage, which many switch action-games feel like these days

  22. The Random Guy and Co says

    I'm totally onboard. Please release physically.

  23. felix veloz says


  24. Нлриааально

  25. Cathmatsu says

    Hades was good.

  26. Andrew Harris says

    I had high hopes for this like a god of war game but its just another dungon random repeat game like hates, dead gods, dead cells…

  27. Big Cow Productions says

    Oh snap

  28. Here_We_Go_Again says

    Am i the only one having trouble playing this game on the switch? The game isnt like, loading

  29. MisterDrgn says

    When I play Roguelikes, I like a satisfying sense of progression, where I'm regularly unlocking upgrades that make my character more powerful on future runs. I know this game has "real-world" upgrades that increase your power in the dungeons, but it's unclear to me whether they're impactful enough to be satisfying

  30. DrkrZen says

    Switch is always coming out with really good looking PSone games.

  31. Toad You says

    This looks dope

  32. Absbor Phamtusin says

    this is so amazing!

  33. tachikoma81 says

    Female hades?

  34. BionicallyAComputer says

    hol up 👀

  35. Chalice Blade says

    Genshin when?

  36. Manuel Rodríguez says

    This song sounds like the perfect mix Between Kevin Manthei and Yoko Shimomura.

  37. christopher graziano says

    oh this look interest…….. "action roguelike"….

    okay imma back out

  38. Rahul Pode says

    Music is 👌

  39. Al To says

    Me viene a la mente nigths into dreams, desde sueños oníricos con libertad ilusion de riel y sensación de libertad con sandbox con pesadillas he historia a este juego, que bueno se busca ser original y tener otra visión y opciones de videojuegos sobre los sueños, golosinas y dulceria o snaks al inconsciente y consciente de sentirte en un sueño profundo de tu mente en un videojuego, cada uno su forma visual, mecánicas y modo de ver los sueños, la forma peter pan, sueño lúcido onírico de nights into dreams y este más de sentirse como hack and slash de fantasia pero más como un sueño de acción, de meterte en una película de acción de los 80s y 90s, para luego despertar abrupto con ganas de más de ese sueño y continuarlo, lo que no se puede en la vida real con este mini emulador de sueños en videojuegos, si lo pulieran más y vieran como representarlo mejor la sensación de eso, sería creo que un mejor producto, lo que no se puede hacer en la vida real es continuar ese sueño donde te quedaste, aka este dreamscaper si, solo falta tener variedad de películas de acción a sueños random que ha tenido el ser humano ejemplo burdo…

  40. CaliforniaHP says

    I see you Hades template

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