DUMBO Trailer # 3 (NEW 2019) Disney, Tim Burton Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

DUMBO Trailer # 3 (NEW 2019) Disney, Tim Burton Movie HD
© 2019 – Disney

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  1. Poulter Caleb says

    no no no no no NO STOP DISNEPY

  2. rodolfo castaneda says

    A live action tailspin or dark wing duck with gizmo

  3. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says

    Coming soon

  4. Everything 80's Podcast says

    Just take my money now

  5. Au Jun says

    Million miles better than Genie.

  6. Tracie Attword says

    I'm gonna need alot tissues. When i see this.

  7. Neverland&Wonderland100 says

    I don't support most of the live-action remakes Disney's doing, but I can make an exception for this.

  8. Kirsty Dodgson says

    Ohhhh ?? I honestly can’t take anymore cuteness from this elephant ? seriously someone find me Dumbo and I’d gladly welcome him and his adorable ears into my life ?

  9. Petals Animations says

    This lil girl got a big ass forehead

  10. Gerbil _ says

    during the out takes when dumbo fly's around the circus he has the shit squirts and shit blasts half the audience and then the credits roll.

  11. Patrick the Henchman says

    Let's not kid ourselves here, much like The Lorax, Danny DeVito's performance is one thing (if not the only thing) people like me would say is genuinely good if the movie ends up bad.

  12. Manuel german says

    ??But I be done seen 'bout ev'rything??
    When I see a elephant fly ????

  13. Serkan Y says

    At 0:33 it looks like they digitally forgot to get rid of the arm in the scene.

  14. Voldamares says

    Will there be pink elephants on parade?

  15. Steven Horwich says

    Love the animated original, see absolutely no reason for this version. Disney keeps doing this now, taking their animated masterworks and live action-ing them, and they just don't work. Beauty and the Beast, as an example, garbage.

  16. zpardus says

    But is a third of the movie going to be a drugged out freak out with pink elephants, like the original?

  17. Neo-Xgray87 says


    ?…and you'll be in a world of pure imagination!!!?

  18. Bag Head says

    unless there are crows and purple elephants on parade, i don't give a shit

  19. Dancarli Pascual says

    Lion King, Dumbo and when little mermaid?

  20. jojo abushkr says

    Dumbo ????

  21. rizki ai says

    Tim Burton and Keaton is Getting Back Together

  22. All The World's A Stage! says

    Good Lord, I'm sick of these Disney movies already!

  23. БАН! says

    0:10мWho is that boy?

  24. SAN ART STUDIO says

    Definitely wanna watch this.

  25. mademoiselle says

    memories came flooding back

  26. SuzanaR says

    The only disney live action movie I give a shit about this year.

  27. Exotic .Lyrics says

    Why do they keep making movies that look real just keep them original ?

  28. Daniël Smedeman says

    Where is Johnny Depp?

  29. Brejan says

    It's a Tim Burton movie alright, cause Dumbo looks kinda creepy. Not every cartoon works in live action/realistic CG, guys. I think it might be time to stop.

  30. Crappie Fisher says

    PETA will have a FIT !

  31. A MOVIES says

    1 view from amovies

  32. Movie Trailer And Scenes says

    This movie is great ??
    Fly Dumbo???????

  33. Pam says

    its 4am what the hell

  34. KE MILLION says

    This movie is going to be dope….

  35. cicilia says


  36. hdh Xhdj says

    اول تعليق

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