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In this series, we’re delving into video game oblivion.
Titles that have, at some point, fallen into obscurity.

Today, we’re talking about Dune (1992, Cryo Interactive) – a very unconventional mix of strategy and adventure gameplay for MS-DOS, Amiga and Sega Mega CD based on Frank Herbert’s Dune. It’s the most faithful video game adaptation of the source material and, to me, one of the most fascinating adaptations of Dune ever made.

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How to run Dune (1992) on a modern OS (Windows, OSX, Linux, etc.)

Movies/TV-Shows shown in this video:

Dune (1984)
Frank Herbert’s Dune (2000)
Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Contains music from:

Dune (1992) Soundtrack by Stéphane Picq and Philippe Ulrich
Dune – Spice Opera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF_0W1cYPYo

Contains gameplay scenes from:

G2 vs. FNC | Final | EU LCS Spring Split | G2 Esports vs. Fnatic (2018)
yt: LoL Esports

Command & Conquer LONGPLAY (Nod Campaign) Tiberian Dawn
yt: EnjoythestruggleNI

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  1. Atta Sirhandi says

    There are lot of hidden gem s between 2000 to 2006 but why nobody is talking about them, everybody is talking about only from 1992 to 1998 list

  2. Ruben Eihwaz says

    My dad and uncles were obsessed with dune. I used to watch him play this game on the Amiga 500. The soundtrack is amazing. This game was mechanically inventive and unique. I specifically searched youtube to see if someone did a review on it. I don't know what to call this type of game design. It's such a mishmash or hybrid. I haven't really seen things like this anymore. Dune CD was the first game I had on CD-rom and the animation sequences were completely mindblowing to me. It was mezmerizing

  3. Frank Leitner says

    Oh gosh, yes, dune 1… sweet memories.

    I broke the game in quite a unique way in my first playthrough.

    I don't remember the details, but I missed some crucial elements to progress the main story. So I developed my spice production and my army and, after a while, took over one Harkonnen fort after the other. At one point, only the Harkonnen capital of Arrakeen was left unconquered.

    At that point, I finally managed to continue the main story, and Chani was captured. I was told to liberate her, I needed to find her first.

    Not a single Harkonnen fort was left, so she was held captive in Arrakeen. When I rode there by worm I even saw here standing there, just before I was killed.

    But the attack on Arrakeen was the culmination of the main story; it did not allow an attack on the capital out of order.
    Whenever I tried to attack, I got a "you need to find Chani first before attacking the capital; otherwise, the Harkonnen will punish her" message.
    The Harkonnen had no troops left, so they did not try to re-take the surrounding areas even when I left it devoid of any defenders.

    So on my first playthrough, I conquered all of Arrakis, minus one place, and could not win the game.

  4. Benjamin Smith says

    This is still my favorite adaptation of Dune, as well. Played it so many times back in the day. Never tried pure ecological warfare against the enemy, so that has me wanting to boot it up again! One of the things I liked to do when I figured it out was remain outside of a capture base long enough for it to get turned into a Sietch. You can even do it with the Harkonnen headquarters at the end, and the final bits of dialogue play out in a cave instead of the fortress. It's pretty funny.

  5. dubya85 says

    Great game

  6. Pawel Semanowicz says

    Lol THAT is supposed to be Duncan?!

  7. PsyckoSama says

    Cryo's game was IMHO the better game.

  8. K Huseynov says

    what's your idea on new dune movie do you like it? btw love your videos

  9. El Draque says

    hate to be that guy but in that clip Pitre de Vires isnt drinking the spice but "sapho , or more commonly the juice of sapo , was a high-energy liquid extracted from the barrier roots of a plant from Ecaz. Mainly consumed by Mentats, it amplified their mental powers. Users develop deep ruby stains on their mouth and lips. "It is in motion. It is by the juice of Sapho that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning."

  10. MST says

    This deserves a remake. Or at least a remaster.

  11. firehawk12 says

    I remember being completely immersed in this game and not understanding how it was so different from it's "sequel" Dune 2. It's too bad the game is pretty much lost to time, because it really is something special.

  12. João Moreira says

    Congratulations on this superbly made video. You were able to put into words all the things we all love about this videogame and we didn’t even realize them. So many brilliant flawless details, all of them perfectly explained with a captivating speech. As for Dune, as you said, it is truly a GEM I will personally never forget.

  13. Johann Pascual says

    I played this game as a kid with my Adlib Soundcard. It was a brilliant and challenging game. 🙂

  14. Stéphane Mignot says

    I play the CD version using a real MT32 for the music, voices are panned to the left like you… Great video!

  15. N4mbr says

    i still remember that game..it was amazing

  16. Targard .QuantumFrack says

    Dune is more like 20k in the future, it is 10k after the creation of the spacing guild

  17. Joseph Mayfield says

    I loved this game as a kid.
    Played it over and over.

  18. Andreas M says

    Very well made review.

  19. Mihai says

    This was one of the first games I've played along Dune 2. And I love you bro for making such a great talk about it.

  20. Aitch H says

    don't expect this to get answered but how would i play this game today?

  21. Alicja Sporzynska says

    Dune is the greatest video game example that a whole can be more than the sum of its parts.

    I never got into Dune 2 much, even though I liked games in the genre it spawned. Dune, OTOH, is one of those games I completed many times.

    I wish more games would go beyond just one genre, with an optional minor sprinkling of elements of another.

  22. Handsome Samson says

    "Oh my God! Atomics!" 💥

  23. Igor K says

    I love Gurney Halleck's portrait that they did. It fits the character so well.

  24. Diego Orrego says

    Great Game! Played in the 90's. Do you know where to download it nowadays?

  25. who knows says

    loved this game as a kid. i actually played Dune II first but enjoyed them both. it took me years to beat them though. it was only when coming back as an adult i was finally able to finish what i started. oddly i found both games surprisingly easy on the revisit. ignoring Dune 2's clunky UI.

  26. Doug Carey says

    I loved, loved this game. The soundtrack alone still gives me chills.
    Also, cool points for the Herzog Zwei reference.

  27. Ben van Dijk says


  28. Ex-Navy Spook says

    I preferred "Dune 2000" from Westwood Studios. It came out in 1998, around the same time as "Star Wars: Rebellion" (which I loved because you could travel anywhere in hyperspace, and the hyperspace travel took so long, you never knew whether the target you were going after was still going to be there, or whether the defenses had been upgraded in the time you'd traveled…oops.), and I actually liked the feel of it better. It didn't have an RPG-feel, but more of a take-the-planet-and-hold-it, whether you were playing the Harkonnen, the Ordos, or the Atreides. You're guided by the Mentats during cutscenes (the Atreides Mentat was played by John Rhys-Davies, so…there's that), and then just released on the planet. While I love the books, there wasn't so much emphasis put on keeping with the books; you get more of a feeling that you're a general in whichever House you support. There are also a ton of solo missions external to the game which are a blast. If you're able to get it (and are able to get it to load) it's worth a look.

  29. Simon Hass Nilsson says

    Duke Leto: I am the Duke Leto Atreides, Your Father

    The player : well nice to meet you… Dad?

  30. Raziel Igor says

    I have played Dune 2000 back in the day and read the novel few years back and loved the both. But I always thought that Dune 1's gameplay was similar to Dune 2000 and never knew that it's actually quite different. Thanks for this video, I'll check this one out.

  31. Shannihilator says

    only thing i dislike about this game is there's no pause option at all in it, if you idle too long in a menu the emperor will get impatient and kill you, which is a real downer when you have to answer the door or phone or something lol

  32. Max Cochran says

    Didn't put a spoiler for the board game smh

  33. Enigmatic Varan says

    Like they say,

    He who controls the SAUCE controls the universe

    Or something like that

  34. Aurantix says

    Personally, I hated Dune 2 for being so unlike the 1992 Dune game.
    It's so good to see someone reminding people of this little gem!

  35. LLlap says

    You should do one on Master of Magic. A great game.

  36. Scavor TheSpaceCowboy says

    DUNE HAD A GAME? I want to try this out

  37. AVERAGE MAN says

    Dune2000 was way better

  38. -- says

    This was really nice to learn about, I had never heard of this game.

  39. ineptwizzard says

    Ngl, Chani was hot as hell in this game.

    Also, it may have been forgotten by the world at large, but I will never forget it and Cryo. One of the best games I had on the Amiga.

  40. Moneor says

    8:46 Now here you see just how much the developers cared about Dune lore. Notice the bull's head with the bloody horns above the throne? Those who've read the novels may recognize it as the head of the bull that killed Paul's grandfather.

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