Dying Light 2 – E3 2019 Official Trailer

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This is Aiden. A survivor in an infected world. The fate of The City is in your hands.

Dying Light 2 coming Spring 2020.

Dying Light 2 the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning open world survival horror action game. You play as Aiden, a new hero in a world torn apart by the ravages of the infection, where every decision counts and death lurks around each corner.

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Learn more: https://www.xbox.com/games/dying-light-2


  1. F.B.I says

    this dude had nothing to hack so he goes out to kill some zombies

  2. Esteban Calamani says

    que será de Crane xd

  3. Abdest Aldıran Sarı says

    Turkish translate in game

  4. Thunder Take You says


  5. Öskar M says

    I wished they would have announced dead island 2… But I'm okay with this ?

  6. christopher valdez says

    So when.

  7. Abcde Fghij says

    Dying light was so underrated

  8. aidangdavis says

    Looking great, loved the first one. 1:14 caught me off guard

  9. Jkizzle says


  10. Rian play game says


  11. Cooper Bostick says

    It’s high noon somewhere in the world (good grief that was cringy)

  12. Bob Bobbingson says

    Words cannot describe my excitement for this game. I loved the first dying light so much

  13. LaZeR Oof says


  14. ChrisTheBeast says

    Looks pretty badass

  15. RocketPlayz 58 says

    I've been "Dying" to see this and waiting for this

  16. XxCombatHQXx says

    One Word…. Take My MONEY

  17. Loyal Bear says

    Assassin's creed zombie mode?

  18. Lucifer Morningstar says

    Assassin's Creed : Apocalypse

  19. Handiinu 2.0 says

    Yes yes yes YES

  20. simone saracino says


  21. FREE Will Dummies! says

    The dude talking spit out that tooth pick lmao ? jk. I like voices that sound gritty. Reminds me of jd from sons of anarchy.

  22. Salvatore Betancourth says


  23. AbsenThunder 84 says

    Amazing good but I hoped christmas this year was release?

  24. Sorry not Sorry says

    Ac but with zombies?

  25. Derrt TV says

    I’m not going to have any money after this year holy moly

  26. BlueSaint 7 says

    Assassins creed zombie edition

  27. Kyle Trautman says

    One full year

  28. ZONEX HAVEN says

    From hacker to walking dead survivor to Dying light survivor.

  29. Tracey Chorlton says

    Wall Run 0:37

  30. Vesh Kelo says

    Why does it look so cartoony

  31. YoItsRetro says

    First dying light was epic. This one seems to be another level of epic.

  32. Rodolfo S says

    i hated play this games with the headset, because i think the zombies are behind me lol

  33. Arcanum Lux says

    This and cyberpunk gonna be taking up my spring 2020 for sure.

  34. El LumbagoV.2 says

    Something’s making me not like his voice?

  35. ??? says

    I hope multiplayer actually works this time around

  36. Mashiro Senpai says

    I LOVE THE FIRST GAME i will wait 2nd be awesome too, and the last part when he said i am infected WTF?

  37. Silent Zombie says


  38. sprocketjock says

    I can’t wait!!!!! But I’m sad Crane wasn’t in this… he didn’t deserve to go out like he did.. Rest In Peace, good night and good luck Crane.

  39. Xxdark Ninja0xX says

    Hype af

  40. thehannahcollins says

    Another male main? Still looks good tho

  41. Eyad Mohammed says

    WTF …. Isn't this Crane's Voice From the First Dying Light ????????????????

  42. uillyMax :3 says


  43. MackTheFifth says

    Best zombie/survival game

    In my opinion

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