Dying Light 2 – Gameplay World Reveal Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) 2019

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Dying Light 2 is an upcoming survival horror action role-playing video game developed by Techland and published by Techland Publishing. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is the sequel to Dying Light.

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Dying Light 2 – Gameplay World Reveal Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) 2019



  1. Chaos says

    I'm not sold on this yet, but I will be watching it close, thoughts?

  2. Bundi Mc Unk says

    finally, they added ParRYinG

  3. Fleisch says

    switch ????

  4. whomp boy 2 says

    Pls bring back be the zombie that was fun and make it more………….horrifying ?

  5. paulo di lavezzi says

    vai sair 2 que delicia

  6. StuuDude says

    Infected are still here..

  7. Jesus Acuna says

    10 months late dude but i appreciate

  8. Ryan Bryan says

    Oh goodies

  9. Gio Perez says

    With no crane I just feel pain

  10. Lil cat scratcher says

    If this gets delayed again I’m gonna be pissed ?

  11. Horror Gamer says

    Nintendo switch ?!
    oh my…

  12. ico ivanov says

    all depends on the multiplayer – co-op, as the first part and the following, im sure the single player will be amazing( for sure the best zombie game, with great story, i barely cried when Jade died ), but if you are maniac, like me and over the game within 3-4 days, what left you? they must make that, all with a cracked versions (as me) to want to buy it, bcz the multiplayer 😀

  13. Nigga squidward says

    Finally we can block

  14. DivaGirl10 says

    can't wait.

  15. Kushikimi Perez says

    The main question that I have about this game is How many endings??

  16. Retro says

    Will there be multiplayer?

  17. Cloxify YT says

    It looks good but idk if I want it I'd rather wait for Tom Clancys Ghost Recom Breakpoint

  18. John Walker says

    None of that was gameplay. Even when he was running through the city it was cinematics. Did you see the way he looked at the truck driving by?

  19. Jackie Pan says

    anybody that says it's just a generic post-apocalyptic zombie game shall be hung.

  20. Majestic says

    Oh theres morale… wonder were they got that from

    Cough cough: State of Decay 2

  21. ManyMadMidgetzz says

    Better not have turn acceleration like lots of games these days

  22. Chris Wooster says

    I loved the first game but feel Tech failed to balance the Become a Zombie part of the game. If they bring it back for the second game it needs to be more balanced.

  23. King Wasabi says

    This man literally uploaded a 10mo old trailer

  24. Speedy Cerviche says

    Crackdown peace keepers

  25. Toxiic says

    Good night good luck

  26. Silver Jay says

    We aint getting this for ps4 maybe ps6

  27. Owen Cozort says

    Its 2019 weres the second game?

  28. gloriator AW says

    here's hoping gazi makes a return with his mom

  29. Casy Leer says

    Can't wait, This looks so much more immersive then the first….

  30. VVS JOE says

    Please dont fail like fallout 76

  31. J K says


  32. I Doodle says

    Its not on switch IDIOTS

  33. Fortnite Funny says

    Didnt they say they would release it in 2019 january-mars something?

  34. Navid Rhythm says


  35. Phueno yt says

    I just got the first game lmao

  36. Bruno Eduardo says

    Playstation 2 game? XDDD

  37. RavenStar81 says

    Is this still Harran?
    I dont want Harran to disappear like everyone in infinity war.



  39. MGE MAGE says

    Where the new gameplay

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