E3 2019! Huge New Xbox Games Confirmed For E3 2019 | World Premier Gameplay And More | Xbox Update

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E3 2019! Huge New Xbox One Games Confirmed For E3 2019 And Beyond! NEW World Premier Game Reveals, Trailers And Gameplay Confirmed for 2019’s E3!
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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/ubisoft-e3-2019-line-up-includes-the-division-2-ghost-recon-breakpoint-and-more

Source: https://gamingbolt.com/marvels-avengers-worldwide-reveal-confirmed-for-e3-2019

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Dont say i didn’t warn you..


  1. Reece Mayer says

    Is that actually how you talk man ?

  2. Outlaw Duckie says

    Ubisoft should make a holocaust game where you can liberate camps.

  3. Outlaw Duckie says


  4. Wesley Brown says

    Hope it takes from Arkham…

  5. Amber Johnson says

    If you are going to compete you are going to have to step up the feel.. meaning vibrations through physical devices.. virtual experiences. Make it spray different smells into the room to match what is happening in the game

  6. Nebuland says

    Im hoping for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game from Ubisoft

  7. HUSTLER1346 says

    PLEEEEAAAASE let there be another Conker game!!! We need more games like Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Jak, Destroy all Humans, etc. But we neeeed another Conker!

  8. gamer knight says

    I hope that avengers game is like arkham but a little bit different

    Edit:I really like arkham city, asylum, knight, and origins

  9. Hey Victor says

    Xbox: xbox one sad edition
    Sony: death stranding

    Looks like Sony will be spanking xbox's little dusty ass again this year lol

  10. JJ Runswick says

    1 week

  11. Luke Coyle says

    The music in this video was REALLY distracting

  12. bruce moore says

    Halo Infinite
    Gears 5
    Gears tactics
    Forza Horizon 4 DLC
    Sea of Thieves DLC
    Bleeding Edge
    Minecraft DLC
    Outer World
    Wasteland 3
    Age of empires 4
    Rare studio new game
    Forza Motors sports 8

  13. ajitkumar padhan says

    I love Batman Arkham

  14. Joshua Moore says

    New to the channel and enjoying your videos. Looking forward to E3 but really curious if there could be an All digital Anaconda box to lower the cost..if PS5 is 499.99 and the All digital Anaconda box which will be more powerful then a PS5 and was 449.99 MS I think would position themselves as a real threat to out sell the PS5.

  15. Naukio says

    Co-op missions in advengers where you go against two other online players kinda like in watch dogs 2, I would love to see this feature

  16. Hells Gamer says

    I hope its 3rd person like batman and Spider-Man not another shit capcom that is cheezy af i hate games that have sky view I only like games that r 3rd person and 1st person only nothing more nothing less so please let it b 3rd person game please if not i wont touch it

  17. Stu spins slots says

    Crap this is how you do a video

  18. Spleefy_Here says

    half life 3

  19. Svetlana Rodriguez says

    Would be nice if Microsoft surprises us with Scalebound.

  20. GZazzy says

    Competitors at any event have to turn up and show their worth compared to others.
    Sony's no show at this E3 speaks volumes what they truly think of their consumers.

  21. christopher smith says

    I think its sweet ghost recon (breakpoint) is a sequel to ghost recon wildlands I really want to play breakpoint I hope they dont mess up the dlc an the campaign I hope the dlc adds to the campaign map not adds extra separate side campaign that ruined ghost recon wildlands

  22. Von Chubbz says

    Dude.. Assassin's Creed Ragnarok!?! WWWWHHAAAAAT?!?!?
    When did this?
    Where was I?
    How could this of happened unbeknownst to me?
    I just got up from a nap.. under a rock.
    (Just kidding)
    That's why I watched this channel, so I stay "hip to the streets"
    The "hip" being news
    The "streets" being video games.

  23. L9stFreed0m says

    What is going on Dealer this is Freed0m here back again.

  24. Truth 7 says

    Burnout from the ground up ..


  25. The5Head says

    Bruh that avengers game is my most anticipated game of the year (or next)!

  26. Peter gomez says

    I just want a new Dead Space! ? A new Batman game would be awesome

  27. OutlawTorn14 says

    GD Splinter Cell!!! Come on Ubisoft!!

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